UPDATED: Misleading Variety Article About Iron Man Movie

Here's is Jon's reply to the question of whether Iron Man will fly in the movie:

"[The flying scenes from the trailer are] in the movie. It's true that the shots were rushed for Comic Con, but the F-22 dogfight has been in the works for over a year and was the furthest along of the film's set pieces. That's how we were able to get it on the screen nearly a year before the premiere."

Variety just put out a story stating that the extremely cool Iron Man/jet flight scenes shown in the trailer will NOT be in the movie:

"A spokesman for Industrial Light & Magic confirms that the flying Iron Man shots are not 'finals' (completed, delivered visual effects) and were only made for the film's Comic-Con promo reel."

The problem with their headline is that it states:

Paramount grounds 'Iron Man'

Superhero flies in trailer but won't in film

I think the guy is drawing a completely incorrect conclusion, and is assuming that because that scene won't be in the film that Iron Man won't fly in the film at all. How he gets from:

"the flying Iron Man shots... were only made for the film's Comic-Con promo reel"


"Superhero... won't [fly] in film"

is beyond me.

If it's true that there won't be any flying by Iron Man in the film, that'll be a HUGE mistake IMHO - probably the first one I've heard of related to this movie, and for it to be such a whopper leads me to believe that the writer may not have his facts straight.

Source: Variety

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