Update On Superman Appearance In 'Green Lantern'

So we here at Screen Rant are pretty good at thinking two steps ahead of the suits in Hollywood. That is to say, we can usually predict their next move before even they know what it is.

Screen Rant writer Jamie Williams has been the all-seeing, all-knowing, Oracle of everything Superman related. For proof of his precognitive prowess, just take a look at his early prediction that Superman Returns star Brandon Routh will most likely re-don the red and blue suit for the next supes film (which is still in the pipeline somewhere).

When the rumor mill started churning about a scene in the upcoming Green Lantern movie in which mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent pops up for a look at the new superhero on the block, the blogosphere went wild with speculation about which of the current Supermen (Smallville's Tom Welling or Superman Returns' Brandon Routh) would play Kent in the Green Lantern cameo.

Well, MTV recently caught up with Green Lantern co-writer Marc Guggenhiem, who had a little bit of info to offer on just that very subject. Were Screen Rant's predictions on the money? Or do we need to get a new crystal ball?

According to Guggenhiem:

“There were rumors that Tom Welling would have a cameo in ‘Batman Begins’ as a young Clark Kent, to meet up with a young Bruce Wayne,” Guggenheim noted. “But you have to be careful when you do things like that, because it sounds great in concept, but when you sit down to watch it, it poses the danger of pulling you out of the film.”

(Hmmmm, it's a good thing they DIDN'T do that. That kind of tongue-and-cheek moment would've been TOTALLY out of place in the dark world of Batman Begins.)

When asked specifically about the  GL/Supes cameo, Guggenhiem added:

"...Robert Downey, Jr. in ‘The Hulk’ was awesome. I love that stuff in general, and I think the fans would enjoy it. Brandon Routh or even Tom Welling [in 'Green Lantern'] would be awesome. And anything is possible. The beauty part of being the writer, though, is that I don’t actually have to make that judgment call.”

No, no he does not have to make that judgment call. But you know who probably WILL make that judgment call? That's right, Warner Bros. Studios. So what call should they make? What call will they make?

To bring this all around in a nice tight circle, I'll once again defer to the wisdom of Screen Rant's own Jamie Williams who speculated that it will most likely end up being Routh we see in Green Lantern, since DC/Warner is trying to get Superman on deck after GL hits theaters.

Speaking of GL, Guggenheim let it be known that he and fellow co-writers Michael Green and Greg Berlanti (who is also directing the film) are in the middle of their third studio revision, polishing everything to a fine finish so that Green Lantern will be the very best film it possibly can be.

“[The changes are] nothing that’s affecting the storyline, really,” he said. “It’s pretty well set. But sometimes we’ll move a scene to a different location for budget purposes, perhaps in an already established location instead of a new one. It’s a question of, which locations can we live without? It’s a constant process to streamline what you’re going through, even after the film is shot, when you’re cutting things in the edit. That’s what the rewrite process is like, how you sand down the roughness of the a movie to its smoothest.”

Hollywood politics as usual.

No word yet on if Ryan Gosling (who was rumored to be the top candidate to play GL) will in fact don the emerald ring. (Though they might want to get that figured out fairly soon. Green Lantern is still slated for Spring/Summer 2010.)

Do you think the Green Lantern movie is progressing as it should? And do you believe Screen Rant's assessment that it will likely be Routh who makes the Clark Kent cameo? (Provided the scene makes it into the finished film, of course.)  Sound off on it and let us know.

Source: MTV News

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