More On The New Doctor Who & His (Possible) Assistant

As we all know, Matt Smith was tapped as the new (11th) Doctor Who, replacing David Tennant.

When it was announced, people weren't sure the announcement was accurate. Doubts (and worse) started to fly. Avid Doctor Who fans seemed dubious but took the "wait and see" approach, giving the new guy a chance and having some faith in the creative forces behind the show.

Then there's the other side of the coin. The more common reaction was that Smith is too young and that they felt betrayed by the producers regarding what they expected of the franchise.

Some are worried that his youth may drive sexually charged episodes, others think he needs to keep his glasses on and avoid the Edward Scissorhands look. Others are more direct and say he is the worst choice ever.

In short, opinions are all over the board.

So be it. I get both sides. I do believe the franchise should not be written off by first impressions in production choices because he did "wow" the producers of Doctor Who on his first audition. Period. As one television cook would say: BAM!

Or as it was put by Councilor Tim Hadland (Con, Weston) who said about their local man, Smith:

"This is one of the highest profile acting jobs in the country. He was selected by people who know what they're doing and I'm sure over the coming years we'll become more and more proud of him."

So what is Smith doing in the meantime?

The 26-year-old Matt Smith is tackling his newest role as an ambitious young policeman named DS Dan Twentyman in a new BBC series called Moses Jones. It's an original series written by Joe Penhall, (The Firm) and is a three-part drama about a brutal tale that questions our cultural assumptions.

The show started on BBC Two last Monday, February 2nd.

As far as upcoming shows go, the next Dr. Who special will be "Planet of the Dead" and airs during Easter in Britain. When the next full season starts, we'll have the new season, the new Doctor with a new lead writer and executive producer.

Russell T. Davies will be handing over the keys to the Tardis to Steven Moffat. Moffat has written several episodes including the award-winning "Girl in the Fireplace" (2006) and "Blink" (2007) episodes.

All in all, not bad for Smith to land what's considered the biggest role in British television. Funny to imagine that Matt thought he was destined for a career in professional football. All this after a back injury that led to his applying to the National Youth Theatre and a persistent drama teacher at the Northampton School for Boys.

Not bad at all.

Tap, tap, tap... Oh... wait... I think I forgot something, didn't I? Dr. Who's assistant! How could I forget his traveling companion?

Let me start out by saying, DO NOT HOLD HER PAST AGAINST HER because Michelle Ryan, who suffered through the massive NBC flop Bionic Woman, plays the mysterious Lady Christina de Souza in the Doctor Who BBC One Easter special, "Planet of the Dead."

Russell T. Davies dropped some hints that Lady Christina has a mysterious past who will have a huge impact on the Doctor.

Some sites are reporting that she IS the next assistant, but from what I can tell, it's only conjecture, or hope! The rumors are swirling about that she will be playing the full-time assistant when Matt Smith takes over in 2010. But we can't count out the other women who are potentially linked to the role: Kelly Brook and Lily Allen.

So for now, those are the rumored potentials, but as we've learned from the selection of the good Doctor, some decisions can still come out of left field.

We can always hope, right? Do we think Ryan would make a great assistant on Doctor Who? I'd like to "see" her in the role. What about you?


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