#3: Marbles Reboot – Action/Drama/Thriller

Synopsis: The story is basically the same as the first film except now it is set in high school and will be a more darker, grittier version of the film and will include, teen vampires, werewolves and wizards. Nicholas Cage has a cameo as the guy who loses his… wait for it… Marbles! (Come on, you knew it was coming). It will now also feature mo-cap technology and will be distributed by Disney. They also have a theme park attraction planned for it.

Director: J.J Abrams Writer: Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman Starring: Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Cruise, Vince Vaughn, Sandra Bullock, and Meryl Streep


#2: Cracker Jack’s Toys – Kids/Animated Adventure

Synopsis: Two young brothers discover a large box full of Cracker Jack toys while playing in their grandfather’s attic. What starts out as a harmless afternoon of fun and imagination soon turns into a wild adventure as they are transported by a Magical Decoder Ring to the mystical land of Cracker. There they meet up with Sailor Jack and must help him retrieve his sacred Temporary Tattoo before Rubber Face uses it take control of Cracker.

Director: Shawn Levy Writer: Peter Berg Starring: Mel Brooks, Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse, Ben Kingsley


#1: Uno – Romance/Comedy

Synopsis: Young Jillian Graver is a card playing savant and has mastered every card game she has ever played - but has done so at the expense of her love life. When the chance to enter a Uno tournament comes her way, she jumps at the chance to show her prowess for the game. She was expecting to win but what she didn’t plan on was falling in love - with her fiercest competitor, Ulysses N. Ottoman . Will she find love at the cost of losing the game?

Director: Drew Barrymore Writer: Nicholas Sparks Starring: Jessica Alba, Luke Wilson, Betty White


That’s all I can share for now but I get chills just thinking about the endless possibilities that can be made from all of the toys and games throughout history. Jump Ropes, Pick-Up Sticks, Ants in the Pants, Connect Four, Chinese Checkers, and let’s not forget classic toys like Lawn Mower Bubble Machine, roller skates, Slinkies and Silly Putty.

You might be letting out a mildly humorous ZOMG! right now and be thinking, “Come on Paul, you’re being silly. There’s no way Hollywood would ever make a movie about marbles and pogo sticks, much less reboot that idea.”

If I told you 4 months ago that we would be covering a film about pieces of steel that kids use to build miniature bridges, you would have laughed it off. “No way will they make a movie about an Erector Set.” Who’s doing the face palm of shame now?

Some honorable mentions by our Twitter followers include:

Grand Theft Auto - @CraigKessler

Jacks/ Hungry, Hungry Hippos/ Mousetrap - @Cinetuyoymio

Creepy Crawlers - @tunnytunney

Spaceknight - @kenoboss

What other toys and games didn’t I include that you think Hollywood shouldn’t, but probably will, make into a big screen adaptation?

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