7 Ridiculous Toy-Based Movies (That Will Probably Be Made)


Last summer I beat my body up mentally, physically and emotionally to look into the future and make some predictions of what would be Hollywood’s next latest and greatest movie idea fads. I touched on Clothing, Appliances, School Supplies and even Mundane Everyday Activities to compile a list.  I guess I was painting with too broad a brush though, because I failed to see the onslaught of toys and board games that Hollywood was interested in making into a movie (read: messing up).

We’re entering a strange new world folks, one where a new set of Hollywood executives are in control, and much like me riding a mechanical bull with my shirt off, it ain’t pretty. Someone’s grandmother, mother or aunt was going through little Bobby Studio Exec’s old stuff up in the attic and found some old toys he used to play with. Of course Bobby Studio Exec can’t resist thinking to himself, “Oh man, this would make a great film franchise! I can’t wait to share this with my other Studio Execs on the playground!”

I know what you’re thinking, “Whew, Paul, at least Bobby didn’t mention anything about 3D.” WRONG! From this point onward, all films are assumed to be in 3D unless otherwise stated. Saying a film is going to be in 3D now is like saying it’s going to have sound and will be in color. So would you like to know what is in Bobby Studio Exec’s toy chest? Sure you do - so let’s take a stroll down memory lane before Hollywood ruins it forever.

We’ve already heard there are going to be films based on View Master, Hot Wheels, Monopoly, Battleship, Magic 8-ball, Candyland, and most recently, Erector Set building toys, but what else is in Hollywood’s toy chest? [Just in case you can’t tell, this article is completely fictional and just for fun.]

#7: Pogo Stick – Action/Comedy

Synopsis: John Pogo, a middle class vending machine repairman, is a good guy that never gets into trouble and manages to avoid confrontation by ignoring it. One day, he steps out of his boundaries  to save a woman and her son from would-be robbers. She calls him a hero and it sticks. He uses his talent for jumping on a Pogo Stick to fight crime and uncovers a plot to destroy the world.

Director: Matt Vaughn Writer: Mark Millar Starring: Taylor Lautner, Bill Murray and Gina Davis


#6: Rubik’s Cube – Thriller

Rubik's Cube movie

Synopsis: A crazed killer called Rubik is on the loose in the city of Los Angeles and he’s targeting reporters. Nine strangers wake up in different colored rooms, knowing nothing about how they got there or why they have been forced to play Rubik’s deadly game. Can they solve the insane puzzle before the 10th victim falls prey to Rubik’s Cube?

Director: Christopher Nolan Writer: Eli Roth Starring: Bruce Boxleitner, Ally Sheedy, James Roday (And yes, I've heard of Vincenzo Natali's Cube - these are the jokes, people.) :-)


#5: Operation – Horror/Psychological Thriller

Synopsis: Sam Cavity is a man living in a horrible nightmare. Every time he goes to sleep, he wakes up with a new scar in a different location. What is going on? He’s terrified and no one believes him – not the cops, not the doctors and not his friends. First his Spare Ribs were removed and then his Wish Bone; now it’s his Bread Basket and if he doesn’t figure out who is doing this to him, he could soon lose his Adam’s Apple and Broken Heart. The one person that does believe him is a familiar stranger from the hospital, who seems to know more than he is letting on. Can he help Sam from becoming a patient on the run?

Director: John Carpenter Writer: Stephen King Starring: James Van Der Beek, Mos Def


#4: Marbles – Action/Drama/Thriller

Synopsis: When the mysterious crime boss "Shooter" declares war on the cops of Marble City, his deadly gang “The Ringers” turns the city into a crime ridden nightmare. With no one willing to help them, one guy, Tom Bowler, forms a group of neighborhood vigilantes to start taking his city back.  The group consists of Popper, Shooter, Taw, Bumboozer, Tonk, Masher and Peewee. Together they call themselves “The Marbles” but they must defeat Shooter’s right hand man Cats Eye if they want to bring order back to Marble City.

Director: Sam Raimi Writer: David Hayter Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Billy Zane, Verne Troyer, and Mimi Rogers

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