Upcoming Sci-Fi Channel Programs

With one of the Sci-Fi Channels' most popular shows, Battlestar Galactica, coming to a close with it's final season, the Sci-Fi Channel is looking to the future and putting out some new programming for you, the fans.

It looks like Sci-Fi's goal is to cover material across a wide spectrum so they have a little something for everyone. They're coming up with a new mix of shows that range from scripted original content, reality series and low budget movies (at least they admit it). They're also buying the rights to reruns of some successful series, punctuated with the occasional theatrical movie showing and miniseries. Whew!

For reruns, the fans will be treated to Lost and Jericho. (Can someone please tell me what the black, killer smoke is? Please??)

For the reality fans out there, Ghost Hunters International and Mind Control with Derren Brown will be returning. (Derren, go see the Nielsen people!)

Sci-Fi is also bringing back Scare Tactics: A show where "friends" set up friends in scary, reality challenging scenarios that Sci-Fi is more than happy to set up for them. Scare Tactics new host will be comedian Tracy Morgan.

I actually liked Scare Tactics - Parts of the show were over the top, but some of the stunts were pretty dang funny. Did anyone see the episode where Bigfoot pops up outside the window of an RV and the victim practically jumped out of her skin screaming? Heh... sorry… I can’t help myself.

A few new shows have been announced for the line up as well:

The Stranded is about aliens stranded on earth and it’s not like we’ve heard this theme before or anything (Roswell, The 4400) but it could have a nice surprise for us. Heck they've surprised us before. Also of note, The Stranded comes from a joint venture between the Sci-Fi Channel and Virgin Comics where they're producing comic books that might have TV potential.

Deputized is a comedy drama about an intergalactic cop who gets special powers. That sounds like MIB, but funnier?

The other new show that’s been mentioned is called True Believer. It's based on another comic book, and it's about a comic book fan who hires a down on his luck superhero to try and make a go at fighting crime. It will be brought to us by Rosario Dawson, co-author David Atchinson and writers Matthew Spradlin and Tom Feister.

Here's a quiz and a thought for our readers: With all the new shows, I can’t help but wonder if anyone at the Sci-Fi Channel has pondered the idea of bringing back that big blue, nigh invulnerable sardonic cracking mental case of a superhero? Anyone know who I’m talking about? I don't have any cool prizes, but bragging rights are cool, aren't they?

As far as miniseries go, since Tin Man was such a hit they’re looking at another loosely based adaptation called Alice. No, not the Alice from Brady Bunch. Alice will be an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and will be done by the same creative team that brought us Tin Man.

This has promise since Tin Man was interesting enough to pique my curiosity to watch it. Each time they touched on a familiar theme in Tin Man, they twisted it into new elements that kept me off balance enough so I could not anticipate the story line. I'd call it... refreshing.

As I mentioned earlier, Battlestar Galactica is coming to an end this year with it’s fourth season and I have yet to see if they’re going to toss all 20 episodes at us at once, or break it up into two different 10 episode spans as was hinted at previously.

Battlestar Galactica’s prequel Caprica will be going into production this spring, so we may not have to go into Galactica withdrawals.

TV isn’t the only medium that Sci-Fi is looking at these days. They’re looking to ramp up their internet presence quite a bit with more original content, an expanded gaming site and a number of initiatives linked to the last season of Battlestar Galactica.

In an earlier post, I wrote how the new boss, David Howe was coming on board with new ideas and it looks like he's doing just that as he’s taking the bull by the horns and driving it with the future in mind!

On a funny note, Sci-Fi UK is announcing a brand new show, Flash Gordon... poor souls.

As for us, now we just wait... and see.

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