New Movie Posters Premiere At Cannes

Our friends over at have acquired some snapshots of brand new posters for some upcoming movies, spotted at the Cannes Film Festival. These are not new posters released online, but rather a couple released Cannes by small and big studios alike to gain the interest of keen festival goers - as well as to catch the eyes of international distributors.

Of the selection, Screen Rant has just grabbed a couple for your viewing pleasure: They are for Martin Scorsese's upcoming thriller Shutter Island and the remake of A Christmas Carol starring Jim Carrey. Take a look:

Although this isn't the first look there has been at either of them (we saw the unofficial teaser poster for Shutter Island back in March), it's nice to get a look at officially released versions.

The previous teaser poster for Shutter Island is far more effective than this new one - I'd actually prefer it if Leonardo DiCaprio's face wasn't so intrusively taking up most of the left side. Having complete darkness on the left and just the intriguing orange glow of the lighthouse would have worked brilliantly.

Now I really dig the Christmas Carol posters, particularly the one on the left. Carrey looks great digitally done up as an animated Scrooge - I can't wait to see how he turns out as the classic character.

However, enough about what I think... what about you? Do you like the look of these latest posters and the movies they are advertising?

For more Cannes upcoming movie posters head on over to FirstShowing.

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