19Luke And Vader

A classic piece of Ralph McQuarrie's production art — this illustration depicts an early look at Darth Vader and series' protagonist Deak Starkiller (in later drafts renamed Annikin and eventually Luke Skywalker). Vader's look remained mostly intact from the concept work here, other than his final red lightsaber. However,

Luke's designs were drastically different. Instead of his trademark robes, here he wears a mask and some sort of breathing apparatus, connected to a large tank on his back. Visually, it may have been a precursor to the iconic orange pilot outfits worn by the rebels, but its purpose is unclear (you know, other than to breathe with).

This piece was undoubtedly a great influence on Vader's design, but imagine how cool Luke would have looked with this slightly more tactical outfit. It may not fit the doughy-eyed farm-boy audiences came to know, but the design is great nonetheless.

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