Unsane Trailer: Steven Soderbergh Shot This Thriller On An iPhone

Director Steven Soderbergh is set to deliver his second feature film since returning to filmmaking with the psychological thriller Unsane. As a follow-up to the 2017 comedic heist film, Logan Lucky, Unsane is about as different a project as you can imagine, demonstrating the director’s penchant for switching between genres, as well as filmmaking techniques, since his newest movie was shot entirely using an iPhone.

Unsane was announced last year, though it didn’t have a title then, and was mostly referred to as “Steven Soderbergh’s secret movie shot on an iPhone.” Little by little it was revealed that the stealth movie had also lined up an impressive cast that featured The Crown’s outgoing Queen Elizabeth, Claire Foy, and Juno Temple (Vinyl, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams). The film also stars The Blair Witch Project’s Joshua Leonard, as well as Amy Irving and comedian Jay Pharoah, who takes a turn for the dramatic here.

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The first trailer undoes most of the secrecy behind the film, selling itself as an unnerving thriller about a woman (Foy), terrified she’s being stalked by Leonard’s character, who is committed to a mental institution where it appears her would-be stalker works. The film soon begins to question whether or not Foy’s fears are real or if what she’s experiencing is just part of a massive delusion and psychological breakdown. The results are a movie that looks excitingly shifty and surprisingly dark, and one that gives the future Lizbeth Salander a chance to demonstrate her range after two seasons on Netflix’s expensive period drama.

Claire Foy in Unsane

With Soderbergh behind the lens (or smartphone, in this case), Unsane looks set to rise above the potential gimmickry regarding the manner in which it was filmed, and to deliver a compelling thriller that makes full use of its filmmaker’s talents. This isn’t the first time Soderbergh has waded into these psychological waters, as his final project before briefly stepping away from feature filmmaking was the similarly themed Side Effects, starring Catherine Zeta Jones and former Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Rooney Mara. He was also behind HBO’s recently completed miniseries Mosaic, which also took an unconventional approach to its construction of a murder mystery.

This early look at Unsane makes good on its premise and teases what appears to be a fairly twisty narrative from co-writers Jonathan Bernstein and James Greer, who seem to be shifting gears after working on films like Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector and The Spy Next Door.

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Unsane is set to premiere in theaters on March, 23 2018.

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