10 Unresolved Questions In The DCEU We May Never Get Answers To

The DC Extended Universe has taken a swing upwards in quality and commercial value after the releases of Aquaman and Shazam!. Wonder Woman’s amazing performance also paved the way for the DCEU to shift its storylines to self-contained movies rather than ensemble pieces. With this change also comes the possibility of loose ends never being tied up.

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Zack Snyder was supposed to map the DCEU out, but his firing has meant the seeds he placed will never grow. In this list, we’ve included the questions that haven’t been addressed in-universe, and reveals made by writers and directors in interviews don’t count, since it wasn’t reflected onscreen. Here are 10 of the most pressing unresolved questions.

10 How Did Jason Todd Die?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice chose to skip Batman’s entire career as the Caped Crusader, and informed us instead of Jason Todd’s death that happened prior to these events. It was a highly intriguing story, where Joker was the one who killed Todd and taunted Batman by spray painting the Robin suit.

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It was hoped we would see this in a flashback, or that the plot point would be elaborated, but since Ben Affleck won’t be playing Batman anymore, it’s unlikely. Besides, it’s next to impossible picturing Jared Leto’s Joker pulling off something so super-villainous, seeing as his version of the Joker was little but a glorified gangster who acted like a Joker wannabe.

9 What Was That Flash Vision/Nightmare?

Batman v Superman Flash Cameo Dream Sequence

Batman’s entire motivation for his mission of killing Superman in Dawn of Justice was because he had a vision of a future version of the Flash. While it’s not been confirmed in-universe if it was a future Flash indeed, it’s hinted that way as Flash mentions he had traveled back because Bruce had been right.

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However, things are back to being perfectly peachy as of the end of Justice League, and Superman has never shown any hints of being evil; neither has there been any indication of Bruce being right about Superman’s dark side. Plus, Bruce was never shown sharing his opinions about Superman to Barry anyway, so there’s no way of Barry even knowing Bruce’s theory. So, what was all this about, then?

8 What Is The Relationship Between Waller And Bruce Wayne?

Amanda Waller Pentagon Suicide Squad

Batman was used in Suicide Squad to make the movie more intriguing, and that was one of the few things the movie did get right. What was most interesting, though, was Bruce Wayne’s association with Amanda Waller.

As comic book and animated series fans know, Waller hated Bruce with a passion (and Bruce wouldn’t trust her either), so how in the heck does Waller know about Bruce’s identity of Batman? Considering The Suicide Squad will be a soft reboot, there’s no way we’ll be revisiting the relationship between these two. That’s a real shame, as their chemistry was pretty good and it was an intriguing swerve to have Batman and Waller being friendly for once.

7 What Was Darkseid's Endgame?

Seriously, did Darkseid just want to invade Earth for kicks? Darkseid is both enormously powerful and a well-layered character, which makes him the greatest foe to the Justice League. However, we never find out what his plan was by sending Steppenwolf to retrieve the Mother Boxes.

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For starters, it makes no sense for him to plan an invasion when the Earth had several superheroes to defend it – why didn’t he try a century or two ago instead when there was no one? Second of all, we don’t know if the DCEU Darkseid meant to find the Anti-Life Equation (which has always been Darkseid’s ultimate goal), or if there were other plans he had.

6 Did Doomsday Really Die?

Batman v Superman

We haven’t heard anything of Doomsday (who went unnamed in his appearance) since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but if it really is supposed to be this character, then there’s no way he would die so meekly.

Doomsday’s main characterization comes from him never being able to truly die. Whenever Doomsday dies, he comes back again; being invulnerable to how he was harmed previously. Basically, Doomsday is unstoppable, because he’s just going to come back even more powerful. So, what happened with this character in the DCEU? At least in the animated series, it was shown that Superman threw him into another dimension, but we still have questions over Doomsday’s anatomy in the DCEU continuity.

5 Where Are The Green Lanterns?

Up until very recently, there were plans of releasing a film titled Green Lantern Corps. However, these plans have been indefinitely delayed, and we don’t know if a Green Lantern film will even be made.

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This means the only Green Lantern we’ve seen thus far in the DCEU was the one killed by Steppenwolf millennia ago. Since it's been thousands of years, the question is: what happened to the Green Lanterns? They should’ve acted when Steppenwolf invaded Earth; and if either Hal Jordan or John Stewart were active, they would’ve sprung into action. The Green Lantern Corps span the entire solar system, so it’s impossible not to ask where exactly they’re supposed to be.

4 What Happened To Batman's Rogues Gallery?

When Ben Affleck was still attached to starring in The Batman, the idea was the film would be a noir-style story that would have Batman fight Deathstroke. Now that Ben’s out, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever find out what happened to all the criminals Batman faced over the years.

The Batman is set to feature a younger Bruce Wayne, which means we won’t know what the present-day landscape is for DCEU’s Gotham City. But Batman was shown to be active in Dawn of Justice, so he must have had someone to face, right? Well, it doesn’t look that way, seeing as there were no criminal activities happening in Gotham when we saw this version of the Bat. So, where’d all the Bat-villains go?

3 Why Did Zod Want Krypton On Earth?

It’s understandable that Zod wanted to keep his plan intact of salvaging Krypton, but it didn’t make sense why he stuck to this plan once he found out he and his subordinates were now superbeings after exposure to the yellow sun.

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By removing Earth and replacing it with Krypton, Zod would’ve rendered his people powerless and average once again, which is a headscratcher seeing as having superpowers trumps being vulnerable. There could’ve been more plans in that head of Zod’s, but we’ll never be knowing why he wanted Krypton back so bad when he could’ve instead chosen to remain a godlike being.

2 What Happened With Lex Luthor's Team?

Supervillain Movies Deathstroke

Unfortunately, Justice League – Part Two is a no-go for the foreseeable future. This means that we won’t be seeing the Legion of Doom anytime soon. It’s a shame, too, because that Deathstroke get-up was completely badass, and there was potential for the character to be great.

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As the DCEU is progressing in years (Shazam! is set in 2019), it makes no sense why Lex and his villainous team would be sitting idle and not making their move. This begs the question as to what happened to this faction. Did they peter out? Did they have some kind of in-fighting? Did Deathstroke kill Lex for being so very annoying? We might never know, but we hope the last suggestion turns out to be true.

1 Who Won Between Superman And The Flash?

This has nothing to do with story progression, but it’s something that’s been eating at our minds slowly for almost two years now. It's a question that has also bothered comic fans for decades - with various races over the years giving either hero the edge.

By the end of the film, Superman had shown such incredible feats that losing to the Flash just seemed too out there. However, beating Supes would mean Barry would get that validation of being the ultimate speedster, which makes for a good story. There’s a lot we can get out of knowing who the victor was, but the reveal doesn’t appear to be in the works.

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