Unpolished: New TLC Series Follows Italian Family’s ‘Over-the-Top Nail Art’ Salon

In the brand new TLC series Unpolished, audiences will follow a loud and proud Italian family on Long Island and running an eccentric nail salon.

Unpolished cast

The show will have six episodes and will generally focus on Salon Martone owner Lexi and how she became so good at what she does. Salon Martone has drawn in thousands of regulars, celebrities, and even draws in tourists to the area, mostly because of Lexi's famously eccentric and challenging nail designs. 

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Salon Martone is an entirely family-run business. Audiences will be introduced to not just the two sisters, but the whole clan of Italian-American New Yorkers whose over-the-top personalities alone would draw an audience. The mother, Jen Martone, runs the business end of things and makes sure the day-to-day runs smoothly. Foxy Malone is the grandmother and, as a seasoned hair stylist, is a big staple in their business. It isn’t known what the father, Mike Martone, does, but he will be stopping by frequently as a series regular. 

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Since Lexi is known for her more eccentric and out-the-box designs, audiences will be seeing some pretty insane nails. Nothing is too complicated or out-of-the-ordinary for her. She’s even created nails that play music like a boombox. Regardless, the family will face their fair share of challenges that will test their familial bond and patience. There will be plenty of drama for reality television obsessors who crave the theatrical. Secrets will be revealed over the course of those six episodes, some involving an on-and-off relationship involving sister Bria. 

Some may have already seen some of Lexi Martone’s crazy nail designs, even before the first footage from the show aired. Some footage has hit the viral wave on the internet and made its rounds. Some examples include a gel fingernail in the shape of a pair of scissors and a creepy Halloween set of nails covered in 3D eyeballs. Also, Lexi made her first television appearance on Food Network’s Bakers vs. Fakers. That show had professional bakers face off against hobby bakers in a competition revolving around creative desserts. Lexi's decorated cupcakes are very reminiscent of her world-famous 3D nail designs, with detailed edible sculptures of eyeballs and bats. 

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Unpolished premiers Sunday, November 17 at 10pm EST on TLC.

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