10 Hogwarts Classes Most Fans Don’t Know About


Throughout the Harry Potter film series, a considerable amount of screen time was dedicated to providing viewers with an insider's look at the Hogwarts castle. Not only were viewers afforded the opportunity to soak in the scenic landscape surrounding this breathtaking location, but they were also provided with a peek into the lifestyles of Hogwarts students.

Going beyond extra-curricular activities, such as Quidditch and Duelling Club as well as the student's private lives, viewers are also afforded an insider's look into the goings-on in many of Hogwarts' classes.

Whilst numerous subjects are featured across the eight films, there are a number of classes that even the most die-hard Harry Potter fans may be unfamiliar with.

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10. History Of Magic

Taught by Professor Binns, the dreary professor who continuously calls students by the wrong name, History of Magic has a pretty self-explanatory title.

Whilst mentioned on several occasions throughout the series, this class and its professor never actually received any screen time. Perhaps this is because, apart from Hermione, most students had little to no interest in what was widely known as a tedious subject. The one moment where students' showed interest in the subject, however, came in the book series when Hermione asked Professor Binns about the Chamber of Secrets.

9. Arithmancy


In what is the magical equivalent of what we know as mathematics, arithmancy involves the use of numbers to predict the future. Oftentimes, students would have to consult charts in order to complete homework assignments.

This class is only available from the third year onwards and is known to be Hermione's' favorite subject. Exceeding in this subject would allow one to take Advanced Arithmancy Studies, and an O.W.L is needed in order to consider a career in Curse-Breaking at Gringotts Bank.

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8. Apparition


This course is offered for students who'll be at least 17 years old during the school year and costs a fee of 12 Galleons. It is taught by a Ministry of Magic Apparition Instructor and aims to equip students with the necessary skillset to disapparate from one location, reappearing in the desired destination.

Upon completing the apparition course, students who have already turned 17 could take the final exam, and upon passing they would receive a license to apparate. Ironically, whilst these classes are taught at Hogwarts, all people, including teachers, are prohibited from disapparating on the school grounds.

7. The Study Of Ancient Runes

A mostly theoretical subject, Ancient Runes is taught by Professor Bathsheda Babbling and concerns the study of the form of writing that witches and wizards used hundreds of years ago.

The curriculum mostly involves the translation of these Runes into English, and as is the case with most Hogwarts subjects, Hermione achieved her O.W.L. in this class. Whilst the class did not feature in any scenes in the book or film series, it has been mentioned on numerous occasions both in text and on screen.

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6. Alchemy


This is an elective course open to sixth- and seventh-year students provided that there are enough students interested in taking the subject. Alchemy is an ancient science where nature's four basic elements, namely earth, water, fire, and air, are studied and transmutation of substances is practiced.

This highly-specialized discipline can equip learners with an extraordinary toolset. The most famous alchemist, Nicolas Flamel, gained immortality because of his creation of the Philosopher's Stone. Furthermore, the Stone can be used to transform metal into gold.

5. Muggle Art

Hermione Wrong Muggle Born

An extra-curricular activity, Muggle Art is one of the numerous Non-Magic Studies at Hogwarts. Others include Muggle Studies and Muggle Music. Whilst Muggle Studies aims to provide Hogwarts students with an understanding of the outside world, Muggle Art will afford students the opportunity to interact with artifacts from the Muggle Art world, such as sculptures and paintings.

The only notable appearance that this class had in the entire series was in the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone video game.

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4. Ghoul Studies

This is another extra-curricular activity, aimed at equipping students with the ability to protect themselves from magical creatures like ghouls, ghosts, and poltergeists. Very little is known about the class, except that it is taught in a classroom in the Serpentine Corridor.

This class's only appearance in the series came when it was visible on the Marauders Map during the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban film.

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3. Magical Theory

A purely theoretical subject, Magical Theory is an extra-curricular class that Hogwarts students may take from their first year. One of the known topics that are covered in this class is about how spells work. That is, at least, according to the book Magical Theory.

Not much is known about this class, and its only appearance in the series came when it appeared on Harry Potter's timetable in the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone film.

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2. Frog Choir


Whilst not mentioned in any of the books, the Hogwarts Frog Choir makes its first appearance in the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban film. Conducted by Professor Flitwick, who also teaches Charms, each member of the Frog Choir holds a toad who partakes in the musical numbers.

The Frog Choir regularly practices in the Great Hall, and are known to be quite talented, as they can sing in Latin as well as in English. One humorous moment where the Frog Choir was mentioned occurred when Professor Flitwick used "emergency choir practice" as an excuse to pass up drinks with Professor Slughorn in the Half-Blood Prince film.

1. Xylomancy


Most Harry Potter fans would not have heard of this class, seeing as it has not been mentioned in any of the books. Its only two appearances in the Harry Potter universe came in the form of an appearance on Harry's timetable in the Philosopher's Stone film. It also popped up in a newspaper clipping in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 

This class is assumed to be a form of divination that relies on the use of twigs. It is also commonly believed that this class was taught by the eccentric Divination teacher Professor Trelawney. Any Harry Potter fan who has heard of this class before can truly call themselves an expert.

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