Rumor: Universal Studios Opening a Fourth Theme Park in Florida

Universal Studios is reportedly in development on a fourth theme park for its Orlando location that could rival nearby Walt Disney World. Currently, Universal Orlando consists of two actual theme parks (Universal Studios Florida and Universal's Islands of Adventure) and one water park (Volcano Bay), along with an entertainment complex. That could all change, however, with the addition of a mysterious new park.

If true, the park would be the end result of a lot of planning. In 2015 and 2017, Universal Orlando surprised everyone with the purchase of two pieces of land totaling more than 570 acres and costing an excess of $157 million. At that point, it was clear that the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2010 wouldn't be Universal's last attempt to overtake Disney World. There's been a lot of speculation since then about what kind of new attractions Universal is planning but not a lot of information... until now.

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Disney and More reports that a fourth Universal park is in development at Orlando, currently going by code name Project 314. The outlet also says that Super Nintendo World is indeed planned for the new park, and it will include rides for Zelda and Mario Kart, as well as a Donkey Kong rollercoaster and Peach Castle at the very center. Supposedly, Universal is also in talks to try and bring Pokémon to Nintendo Land at some point.

Mario and Luigi in Smash Bros

The news doesn't stop there, though, as Universal reportedly also has its eyes set on another major Hollywood franchise. Disney and More's source has been told that a Lord of the Rings land is also being considered for the fourth park. There have been rumors for almost ten years now that Universal wanted to bring Middle-earth to their parks, so this move could mean that the legal rights are finally in their hands (perhaps a result of Christopher Tolkien's retirement?). There's also allegedly a plan to expand Harry Potter in this new park by creating a Ministry of Magic, which would be an extension of The Wizarding World. And lastly, a new Jurassic World thrill ride based on Universal Pictures' sequels might also make its way into the fourth park.

That brings the total count to four new lands for the fourth park, which is still obviously only in development at this stage. It could be years before parkgoers see it all come to fruition, but purportedly Universal is keen to have it all completed by 2024. Hotels are already being built in the surrounding area, and they're not wasting any time in setting it all up. Meanwhile, Disney is hard at work creating Avatar and Star Wars-themed lands, so it'll be a literal race to the finish for who will be done first.

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Source: Disney and More (via /Film)

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