Universal Making Stretch Armstrong Movie

In an effort to catch up with all of the other toy-inspired movie franchises hitting theaters, Universal Pictures recently teamed up with Hasbro for a six-year partnership. What's their first movie together? That's right, it's Stretch Armstrong.

What's that you say, "Stretch Armstrong hasn't been a popular toy for over a decade?" Sorry, doesn't matter. Hollywood has run out of original ideas and they're raiding our childhood to compensate.

Stretch Armstrong will be written by Steve Oedekirk of Ace Ventura and Bruce Almighty fame. The film will be produced by Brian Grazer's Imagine Entertainment. Here's what Grazer had to say about the project.

"Stretch Armstrong is a character I have wanted to see on screen for a long time...He's an unconventional kind of super hero with a power that no one would want. It's a story about a guy stretching – if you will – the limits of what is possible to become all that he can be."

"An unconventional superhero?" What about Mr. Fantastic? Or Plastic-Man? The only notable thing I remember about Stretch Armstrong is that, eventually, every kid cut him open to see what was inside. Call me crazy, but I'm thinking they won't go that route for the movie.

What do you think? Could Stretch Armstrong be worthwhile, or is Universal stretching their luck?

Stretch Armstrong is currently slated for an April 16, 2011 release.

Source: Variety, IGN

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