Universal Bringing Villains To The Movies

Do not be alarmed! The third season of Heroes that everybody (but me) hates so much is NOT getting a feature film extension. Instead, Universal pictures has announced a movie adaptation of Viper Comics' miniseries Villains, the tale of young kid who discovers his destiny is becoming a supervillain, rather than a superhero.

If that premise sounds too much like Wanted (the OK comic book, not the terrible movie), go ahead and start launching the cynical remarks. However, if Heroes and Wanted haven't completely spoiled the idea of a villain-driven narrative for you yet, take a look at some of the details about the film adaptation of Villains and then see how you feel. The Villains comic book miniseries was launched in 2006 by indie publisher Viper Comics. It was written by Adam Cogan and drawn by Ryan Cody. The plot followed the journey of Nick Corrigan, a 20-something loser who one day discovers that his elderly neighbor used to be the  nefarious supervillain known as Hardliner. Instead of doing the "heroic" thing and turning Hardliner over to the proper authorities, Nick decides to blackmail the old man into training him in the use of the super-suit that was once the source of Hardliner's evil powers. Nick's new destiny: become one of the most badass super villains the world has ever seen.

Villains gained critical praise for its twisted vision of the superhero origin story--its sales, however, were just ok. The movie will likely be the first many people have heard of the series. A script is being written by Matt Jennison and Brent Strickland, the duo who wrote the script for the stalled Wonder Woman movie. Indie production company Idealogy is handling the film, with Idealogy execs Sean Bailey (Gone Baby Gone) co-producing along with Viper Comics' Jessie Garza. Matt Smith is executive producing.

Kudos to all the indie-flavored comics currently getting the big-screen treatment (Watchmen, Fathom, Black Hole, and Kick-Ass). It's nice to know that the whole spectrum of the comic book cannon is fair game for the Hollywood makeover. But are we really ready for another movie that's all about the bad guy?

What do you think? Is Villains something you want to see in theater near you?

Source: Super Hero Hype & MTV Splash Page

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