Universal Announces Boss Baby 2 for 2021 Release

The Boss Baby Teaser Trailer

Universal and Dreamworks released another solid, family-pleasing animated feature this spring with The Boss Baby, a cute movie about an infant voiced by Alec Baldwin. The suit-clad baby is the newest member of a small family, and big brother Tim (Miles Bakshi) isn't too happy about his new sibling. The twist comes when Tim learns that baby bro is actually on a mission from Baby Corp, determined to stop the launch of a new release from Puppy Co.

It's a cute, relatively generic offering, but it managed a solid run at the box office and was a huge financial success for the studio. The Boss Baby even managed to knock Beauty and the Beast off the top spot for two weeks running -- an impressive feat in the family-film market. Now, it looks like Boss Baby is getting a follow up, although it will be a few years before this one hits the big screen.

Universal has announced that a sequel to Boss Baby, currently titled The Boss Baby 2, is set for a release on March 26, 2021. Alec Baldwin has been confirmed to return as the voice of Boss Baby, although there is no confirmation yet on whether any other actors from the original cast will also return.

The gap between the original and the sequel (four years) isn't unusual for animated features, although live-action movies often generate sequels within 2-3 years. This is because the process of animating a feature length film simply takes a little bit longer. Most Pixar movies take around 4-7 years to make, and previous Dreamworks offerings have taken a comparable amount of time. For example, the How To Train Your Dragon films have been released with a 4-5 year gap between them.

This is great news for fans of the original The Boss Baby, even if it isn't too much of a surprise. The film may not have been a massive critical success, but it raked in almost $470 million, and got solid reviews from audiences and fans. The box office success alone was more than enough to ensure a sequel would be made, so it's the release date that is the most interesting part of the news.

It looks like Universal is attempting to land another spring hit with The Boss Baby 2, and while there is no news yet on the plot, it may well manage to surprise a second time.

The Boss Baby 2 is due to hit theaters March 26, 2021.

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Source: Universal

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  • The Boss Baby (2017) release date: Mar 31, 2017
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