Rumor: Unfriended 2 Was Completed In Secret

It's been rumored a sequel to Unfriended, one of 2015's most profitable horror movies, has been filmed in secret, and even test screened to an audience. In these days of studio leaks and intensive online scrutiny, it should be rare for a sequel to a high-earning genre film to be shot under-the-radar and appear from nowhere. But this is something that several other recent films have managed to achieve, with examples like Blair Witch, Victor Crowley, and Cult of Chucky. Now it would appear that Unfriended 2 may have pulled off the same scare tactic.

Unfriended was the social media R-rated horror produced by Blumhouse, that managed to take a neat central concept and work with it well. It surprised audiences and critics, and ended up making itself a healthy global box office gross of $64m  from a meagre production budget of only $1m. The whole film was shot and contained from the perspective of an online chat room on a single PC. It takes place as a group of friends engage in a conversation on the anniversary of the suicide of a school friend, who was video-shamed by them and cruelly mocked as a result. However, they're soon joined by an unknown user called 'Billie227', and the friends start to meet demises online as nasty secrets are revealed. Rumors of a sequel being given the green-light soon appeared after release, although no further details were heard after that.

But according to Horrorfreak News, a sequel has indeed been shot in total secrecy and has been screened for test audiences very recently. On viewing the film, those in attendance were apparently asked to sign nondisclosure agreements, so absolutely no details are known about it except for its existence. However, the screening was reportedly 'extremely well received' by those that have seen it.

The Internet in Unfriended

There are no details regarding the cast, crew or release dates anywhere on the normal film listing sites, and this is the first piece of news regarding the movie since the rumors back in 2015. So that report is the only information on the production so far. However if the plot does follow the same format as the original, then it is entirely feasible for secret filming to have occurred. The cast could easily consist of relatively unknown actors and a new director.

The original film is sometimes quoted as being one of the best horror movies of 2015, and at least it demonstrated some innovation for its jump-scares. Producer Jason Blum was also open to the idea of a sequel when we spoke to him during that year. Since then social media has also been utilised in other horrors like Friend Request. And whilst it would be wise to wait for any further details and confirmation of the film before making any judgements, it could be that Unfriended 2 may be a surprise entry in this year's marathon of horror.

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