Unflattering Look At The Cloverfield Monster

The Cloverfield monster toy is revealed! You can see it after the jump, but be warned, if you haven't seen the movie.

The toy is made by Hasbro (makers of My Little Pony, also known as, in this case: bait...) and they've finally revealed what the $100 Cloverfield monster toy will look like, It's pretty insane, to be honest and I have to say I'm not regretting putting in a pre-order on this 14" tall baby! It has two heads, one with the mouth open, the other, closed, plus 10 of those nasty "parasites" that run amok and wreak havoc.

Now I say "unflattering" because these are brightly lit shots of a toy with no "atmosphere" to make them look better. Just stark white lighting, but it's effective at showing the detail. So, here you go:

Pretty nasty looking, eh? :-)

Find the toy at! Also, Paramount released a video of the "Monster Revealed," if you haven't seen it yet. It's a scary moment in the movie which you can see here at Yahoo! movies.

Source:; hat tip: Scott M!

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