'Unfinished Business' Super Bowl & Red Band Trailers: Vince Vaughn is the Boss

Unfinished Business super bowl trailer

Director Ken Scott's first team-up with veteran comedy actor Vince Vaughn was the 2013 movie Delivery Man, the tale of a man who accidentally fathers hundreds of children due to over-enthusiastic sperm donation. Now Scott and Vaughn have reteamed for another comedy outing: Unfinished Business, in which Vaughn plays a man who finds himself warring over a major business deal with his tyrannical ex-boss (Sienna Miller), a year after quitting her company to start his own.

On paper that concept might sound a little dry, but Unfinished Business promises to shake it up with a dose of The Hangover style partying and mayhem. Together with his two employees (played by Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco), Vaughn resolves to win the favor of his potential client (Nick Frost) by showing him a raucous good time that involves drinking, drugs and dangerous games of darts.

To celebrate the Super Bowl, Twentieth Century Fox has released a new TV spot and red band trailer for Unfinished Business, both of which exploit topical humor by... using a Lonely Island song from six years ago. At least "Like a Boss" is one of those tunes that never gets old, and it's quite impressive how many clips from the movie were found to fit the lyrics. Based on the lyrics that were excluded, it doesn't look like Unfinished Business ends with Vaughn chopping off sensitive body parts, turning into a jet, bombing the Russians, flying into the sun and dying. Or maybe it does, and Fox just didn't want to spoil the twist.

Vaughn is a solid leading man for comedy films despite a more or less equal balance of hits and misses. While his highs aren't all that high, his lows also aren't that low, and Unfinished Business looks like it will be somewhere in the middle: good for a few chuckles, but probably not about to win any awards for being the funniest movie of the year.

Unfinished Business was scripted by Steve Conrad (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) and also stars James Marsden. It will be directly competing with Neill Blomkamp's new sci-fi film Chappie upon its release, so let us know in the comments if these trailers have convinced you to choose Vince Vaughn over a loveable talking robot.


Unfinished Business is in theaters on March 6th, 2015.

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