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This week sees Horrible Bosses 2 hitting theaters, as something of a testament to how much audiences enjoy seeing underdogs getting their own back, but next spring it will be Vince Vaughn's turn to take on a horrible boss, played by Sienna Miller, in business trip comedy Unfinished Business. Directed by Ken Scott, who last worked with Vaughn on family comedy Delivery Man, Unfinished Business stars Vaughn as a man who leaves his former job to start his own company, only to find himself going to head-to-head with his old boss a year later.

Unfinished Business also stars Dave Franco as Mike Pancake, Vaughn's youngest employee, and Tom Wilkinson as his oldest employee. Those two also happen to be his only employees. Together they go on a business trip to Germany to try and win over a client, and figure that the best way to accomplish this is by showing that they know how to party.

The red band (above) and green band (below) trailers for Unfinished Business have now made their way online and by all accounts it looks like a generically pleasing comedy, with a screenplay by The Secret Life of Walter Mitty writer Steve Conrad. Delivery Man was a surprisingly touching film, in which Vaughn played a man who discovers that the sperm donations he made in his youth have led to him producing hundreds of offspring, so it's good to see Scott and Vaughn working together again.

Vaughn is a hardworking actor and has been starring in at least a couple of feature comedies a year since the early 2000s, though next year he'll be moving on to his first TV role in over a decade: playing a career criminal in the second season of True Detective.

Unfinished Business is out on the same day as Neill Blomkamp's Chappie, which looks like the more interesting of the two movies. Unless you're really desperate to learn the wheelbarrow position, it might be better to wait until Unfinished Business hits home release.

Unfinished Business is in theaters on March 6th, 2015.

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