Not One, But Three More Underworld Movies?

If you thought the news of Underworld 4 coming our way in 3D was a surprise, how about the idea of an entire new trilogy of Underworld films!

According to Ryan Rotten at, insiders have informed him that Sony’s Screen Gems is looking to launch not one new film, but three. Interestingly, the report claims that they’re looking at the story centering in on the character of Selene, played by Kate Beckinsale in the original two Underworld films.

Nothing’s confirmed yet, but bringing back the hot star of the first two is what many fans wanted instead of the Rise of the Lycans prequel.

Will this take place also before the first Underworld or will it follow her after the events of Underworld: Evolution? Could this mean that Scott Speedman will be back as well and we'll get to see what happens with the characters after the crazy ending of Evolution?

Ryan also points out that Patrick Tatopoulos, who’s worked on all three films and directed the third, will not be back for the fourth installment due to his other commitments.

Like I mentioned in the comments of our last Underworld post, these films are very easy to finance with their $25-35 million dollar budgets and they've generally banked around $100 million at the box-office. So, it’s an easy decision to move forward with more, especially if they can bring back the star which I mentioned was important. We need some familiar faces returning and they’ve done a solid job of tying each film to the previous.

Let’s hope they continue with the same and we get more than just an excuse to sell another 3D gimmick. I want story and action.

What do you think of three more Underworld films, possibly all in 3D?


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