Underworld: Blood Wars Clip Teases Advanced Lycan Weapon

Nearly four years after Underworld: Awakening, fans are finally on the verge of Underworld: Blood Wars, its direct sequel and fifth overall entry in the Underworld series that started way back in 2003. Kate Beckinsale, who has starred in four of the films, has settled into her role as the vampire Selene quite nicely, with each film proving to a reliable modest box office success (with every film nearing or surpassing the $100 million mark on smaller budgets) even if they’ve never quite caught on with critics. Regardless, Underworld: Blood Wars ad campaign has been in full swing in an attempt to draw in old and new fans alike, with images and clips being released at a frequent rate.

Now, with a little over a month to go before Underworld: Blood Wars’ theatrical release in the United States (it actually releases in other select countries December 1, 2016), distributor Screen Gems is keeping the ad machine running by providing a new teaser.

The clip (above) showcases Selina’s attempts to remove a bullet from series newcomer protégé Theo James (Divergent). It’s not just any bullet, however, but one designed by the Lycans that self-propels through its vampire victims, slowing down their natural ability to heal rather quickly. It’s also pointed out by James’ character David that the particular group of Lycans that tried to kill the pair are more sophisticated than the average pack.

Kate Beckinsale in Underworld Blood Wars

The clip, while not overly revealing, does help expand what fans can come to expect from Blood Wars and what type of world Selene inhabits now. Underworld: Awakening performed as something of a soft reboot for the series by setting it 12 years into the future and ending on a cliffhanger with Selene resuming her search for vampire-lycan hybrid Michael Corvin (to be portrayed here by Trent Garrett, replacing Scott Speedman from the first two films). This film seems poised to continue that story well into the future, and a sixth film has even been announced that will bring back Beckinsale yet again.

While the clip does its job of world-building and raising anticipation levels, odds are that Underworld: Blood Wars won’t change your opinion on the franchise either way. The film looks to continue with the action-horror hybrid formula that has worked so well for the series in the past, and as long as the films continue to make money, there’s no reason to assume that will change anytime soon. Regardless of differing opinions on the franchise as a whole, this vampire action-horror series seems to have quite a bit of life left in its veins.

Source: Screen Gems

Key Release Dates
  • Underworld: Blood Wars (2017) release date: Jan 06, 2017
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