Theo James Explains His Underworld Character's Evolution

Theo James and Charles Dance in Underworld Blood Wars

Underworld: Blood Wars, the fifth installment in the vampires vs werewolves series, opens up interesting possibilities for future sequels. It also sees the return of a number of familiar faces from movies past, including Theo James’s David. Screen Rant spoke with James at the Blood Wars press day about where we find David in Blood Wars, what it was like working with director Anna Foerster, and what he think the future holds for David in any future Underworld movies.

We last saw David in Awakening. Can you tell me the evolution of the character between Awakening and Blood Wars?

Theo James: He’s got new clothes, got new wardrobe, and somehow acquired a Porsche, which I was always a bit confused about. [laughs] No, he was quite young, he was quite naïve. I think now he’s a bit older and a bit wiser, and he is ready to step up to the plate in terms of leadership.

You can see his growth and maturity in the film, too, from where he was to where he is. Another question I had was, Anna Foerster, she was awesome, amazing director. What new dynamic did she bring to this film? Because I also noticed that a lot of the set pieces were very medieval-based, and it felt like a very medieval vibe. So what dynamic did she bring to the film?

Theo James: I think she was very aware of that. She wanted to kind of bring the whole aesthetic and visual element of it a bit back to the first Underworld. You know, that’s why we shot in Prague, in Czech Republic. It was the Gothic architecture, the sense of history and time, and also I think that’s kind of the basis for the vampire world, and the lore is from Eastern Europe, isn’t it? So, bleed that into it a little bit, yeah.

Theo James and Charles Dance in Underworld Blood Wars

There’s already rumors of a sixth film. If your character were to come back, where would you like to take that character, and where would you like to see that character go?

Theo James: I think in all honesty Dave’s story has run its course, you know? Because he—I think the idea of this film was to introduce this plethora of new characters, and then for them to be able to take it to its next step in the story. I think that’s the same with Kate [Beckinsale]—I mean I’m not speaking for her—but both the characters have really gone through quite a strong narrative evolution, so I think it’s time for someone else to step up to the plate.

Now that you’re a bigger part of the world though, the worldbuilding in the Underworld franchise, You know have this bloodline, obviously. And your father, played by Charles Dance, amazing actor. You had a lot of Game of Thrones actors in this.

Theo James: It’s true.

With Charles Dance being your father, though, are you now House Lannister? Is that your House for Game of Thrones?

Theo James: [laughs] I actually don’t watch Game of Thrones, so I don’t wanna—which one’s Lannister? Is that the cool one?

It’s the brother and sister duo that—it’s not the cool one.

Theo James: Oh I see, I see, okay, fair enough. Yeah I think, uh—but it was nice to have Charles back. He’s kind of old school in a way, and he’s Dave’s dad, as well.

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