Underworld: Blood Wars Poster Has Selene Ready for Cold Weather

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Resident Evil and Underworld are rare creatures among Hollywood movie franchises; not only have both been going continuously (or close enough) since the early 2000s, they are also two of the few pop action/horror genre franchises headlined by women (Milla Jovovich and Kate Beckinsale, respectively), with this husbands (Len Wiseman and Paul W.S. Anderson, in turn) being the ones working behind the scenes. Both properties have new installments hitting the big screen in January of 2017, in the forms of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and Underworld: Blood Wars - with The Final Chapter confirmed to serve as Jovovich's final time at bat playing zombie-slayer Alice.

It's not yet clear if Blood Wars will similarly provide a sendoff to Beckinsale's own vampire warrior, Selene. The official synopsis for Blood Wars teases that "death dealer" Selene will not only be fending off attacks from both the longtime-warring Lycan and Vampire clans in the movie, she will also be tasked with stropping the eternal war between them at last - "even if it means she has to make the ultimate sacrifice." That last sentence certainly appears to foreshadow that Selene could end up sacrificing herself in Blood Wars (the fifth Underworld installment overall), but fans ought to know better than to think that if she does, the Underworld franchise will die with her.

Either way, Selene is ready to "Protect the Bloodline" no matter what, as the tagline for a newly-released Underworld: Blood Wars poster (see below) puts it:

Underworld: Blood Wars Poster

Written by Cory Goodman (Priest, The Last Witch Hunter) and directed by Anna Foerster (who has helmed multiple episodes of Criminal Minds and Outlander), Blood Wars is shaping up to be, well, a pretty typical Underworld movie, judging by the first trailer released for the film. That's not necessarily a bad thing either; there's clearly a fanbase that enjoys this franchise's brand of slickly-designed, cheesy, B-movie action and thrills, even when it comes coupled with thinly-sketched storylines and characters. Blood Wars appears poised to deliver just that and should do well enough at the box office as a result, especially given the lower levels of competition that it will be facing in January.

Joining Beckinsale as members of the cast in Blood Wars are Theo James reprising his role as David from 2012's Underworld: Awakening, in addition to Outlander star Tobias Menzies, Game of Thrones star Charles Dance, Merlin (and Damien) star Bradley James and Da Vinci's Demons star Lara Pulver. If nothing else, that cast should be fun to see in action together, if only to fuel a game of "Which TV show have I seen that actor on?" while everyone's watching Blood Wars.


Underworld: Blood Wars opens in U.S. theaters on January 6th, 2017.

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