Underworld 4 On Its Way in 3D

Some franchises never stop. Even after rounding off the trilogy with a prequel earlier this year, it’s not so surprising that the Underworld series is reportedly set to pop out another film during the current pop-culture vampire craze.

According to’s exclusive, Sony’s Screen Gems is planning to make a fourth installment in the Underworld franchise... and it's going to be in 3D.

There are no details yet on who will star in the film or what the movie will be about but I’d expect we’d see at least some franchise familiars return. They've done a great job so far of tying the films together and bringing back characters big and small to tell each story. Could we get another Kate Beckinsale-Scott Speedman team-up or perhaps some more Michael Sheen prequel action? Maybe it'll be neither.

What I’m afraid of is the fact that they’re doing this in 3D. That screams gimmick to me and I feel that’s the only reason they’re making it at this point. It could have little to do with the other installments and may bring back none of the main characters we know from the franchise.

I hope that’s not the case as I have my fun with the Underworld movies. I’m fine with seeing more as long as there’s some story to tell and we’re treated to some cool action. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans served its purpose as a prequel and played out exactly as expected, although it was nothing special.

Len Wiseman produced all three films so far and directed the first two, with Patrick Tatopoulos having directed this year’s prequel. Expect Wiseman to again produce.

Screen Rant will get back to you with more Underworld updates as soon as they come.

What do you think of another Underworld movie and where/when do you think it’ll take place? Who’d you like to see be in it?

This fourth Underworld movie is aiming for a January 2011 release.


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