Undertale: 10 Things Fans Don't Know About Undyne

Undyne has become one of the more recognized faces of Undertale for her fierce personality, spooky armor, and overall over-dramatic reactions.  She is introduced as mysterious and intimidating but you later learn she is just a big nerd on the inside. She is a prime example of what makes the game special. You cannot judge the characters based on how they look.

Undertale is a game that pays a ton of attention to detail when it comes to mechanics and storytelling. With that in mind, there may be some facts and details you missed about Undyne. Here is what we've found.

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10 Undyne Name Meaning

Undyne's unusual name has a couple of hidden meanings. One is that it's based on water elementals or water nymphs known as "undine." With the name's similarity and Undyne being a fish woman, the connection was obviously on purpose. Undine are typically associated as being female and sort of like mermaids. A fish woman is close enough though.

Another meaning behind her name is that she does not die. She is Undyne the "un-dying" since she does not actually die if you decrease her health to zero.

9 Code Geass Reference

It's no secret that there are a ton of anime references in Undertale. Though some are more notable than others, and this one was easy to miss.

There is a part of the game where you can call befriended Undyne about the Royal Guard blocking the elevator. She tells you that she cannot help, as she once told the Royal Guard to disregard her orders if it was to help a human. She told them this after watching an anime about a human who could control minds in a war. She also mentioned the anime was really good. Sounds like it could be Code Geass.

8 Followed Gerson Around

Gerson is a less known character of Undertale. He's just an old man who lives in the caves after all. You can learn a lot from him though, such as this detail about Undyne.

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You can learn that Gerson used to be a mighty fighter. When asked about Undyne, he explains that she followed him around when she was a little girl so she could watch him beat up bad guys. He even mentions that she sometimes tried to help, but most of the time the people she attacked were not bad guys, like the mailman.

7 Hints Of Alphys In Her House

To understand Undyne, you need to know her connection to Alphys and vice versa. They are considered opposites in their strengths, but care greatly for each other.

In fact, while exploring Undyne's home, you can discover some things that are obviously Alphys or things that exist because of her. For example, Undyne claims to not like soda despite having soda in her house. Alphys owns a cup of soda, so it might actually be for her whenever she visits. Undyne also tells you, "No nerds allowed" when you interact with her room door but then corrects herself that "some nerds are." That is definitely in consideration to Alphys.

6 Saving The Monster Kid

The Monster Kid is one of the lesser known Undertale characters, despite the fact they are probably the one character you meet that is the same age as the main character. Undyne is the Monster Kid's role model though, and that is very cute.

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Depending on how you play the game, Undyne can jump off a cliff to save the Monster Kid. If this happens, Undyne will have less health in her health bar the next time you meet her. According to Undertale's maker, Toby Fox, he wanted her to also have cracked armor but forgot to add it.

5 Her Concept Art

As you can see from this picture, Undyne went through a lot of changes since her concept art. Like a lot of the art in Undertale, the concept was made by Temmie Chang. The concept was more feminine than the finalized design. She had long eyelashes and round fish lips. The one aspect that seemed to not change from her concept art was her ponytail.

The final version of Undyne become far more tough rather than elegant. She got an eye-patch, fin-like ears, and sharp teeth.

4 Was Trained By Asgore

Asgore is more than just Undyne's boss, he was actually the one who trained her on how to fight. Him training her and how she got her job as Captain of the Royal Guard are connected. As a kid, she challenged Asgore to a fight but could not even touch him.

He did not fight back and managed to dodge all of her attacks. He was impressed by her spirit, despite her feeling humiliated and offered to train her. Through his training, she worked her way up to the Royal Guard and was eventually promoted Captain.

3 Gave Shyren Piano Lessons

Like Undyne, Shyren is a fish-like monster. She is a very minor character, but you can learn more about her in the game. Just from her fight you learn a lot about her, notably that she's shy about her singing voice.

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You can learn from Undyne that she and Shyren have a connection. Undyne says that she used to give Shyren piano lessons.

2 Inconsistencies

There are a couple inconsistencies to Undyne's character design. One example is that her eye-patch is on her left eye, but you do not see the eye-patch when she faces west. There is also a part in which Undyne wears her helmet, but her face in the dialogue box does not have the helmet on. She is also typically right-handed except for in one scene when scoping out the protagonist where she holds her spear in her left hand instead.

1 Her Determination

Undyne's determination is one of Undertale's greatest mysterys. She is the one monster to have it, and that's why she does not die when you cut her health down to zero. When her sprite does actually die, it melts, which we learn is something that happens to monsters with too much determination injected in Alphy's experiments.

There are various theories on how Undyne is the only monster with natural determination. One could be that Alphy's is secretly slipping determination into her seagrass frosties so she never dies. Another is that Undyne is just dedicated and strong, so much so that she gained a power originally thought impossible for a monster.

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