10 Most Underrated Superhero TV Shows

Thanks to the continued success of CW shows like ArrowSupergirl, and The Flash, plus the highly-anticipated arrival of new Marvel Cinematic Universe shows such as LokiWandaVision, and Falcon & Winter Soldier, superhero television has never been more popular or in demand! With every major network, studio, and streaming service flooding money into the superhero genre and various comic-book properties. However, it can be immensely difficult, if not impossible, to keep track of what to watch and when to watch it.

More often than not, great shows aren't getting the ratings or the attention that they deserve, which results in the loss of new, fresh and exciting superhero content from creative writers and directors. With that in mind, we figured we'd take a look back and examine some of the most underrated superhero shows of all-time, with the intention to shine a light on the shoes we believe deserve the world's attention the most. We've managed to compile a list of the ten most underrated and underappreciated superhero TV shows of all-time!

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10 Legends Of Tomorrow

The CW's Legends Of Tomorrow follows a rag-tag team of superheroes, which includes characters such as Atom and Heat Wave, who are assembled to save the earth from threats across various time periods. Legends Of Tomorrow is certainly the least impressive offering from the beloved Arrowverse, but the shows cheesy tone, creative storylines, and undeniably charming style make it, at the very least, an action-packed and truly enjoyable superhero distraction.


Set in the years before Batman returned home to clean the streets of Gotham City, this series follows Detective Jim Gordon as he confronts some of the most iconic supervillains in comic-book history. Admittedly, GOTHAM struggled massively in its first season, but the show eventually found its footing, and, thanks to the fantastic premise, a brilliant cast, and some of the most iconic comic-book characters of all-time, it turned out to be a wildly enjoyable Batman prequel.

8 Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.Dfollows an elite team of agents who are tasked by Nick Fury to investigate unexplained occurrences around the globe. Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D might not be as connected to the larger MCU as fans would like, but the shows fast pace, quirky tone and entertaining ensemble make for a genuinely enjoyable ride.

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7 Marvel's Cloak And Dagger

Marvel's Cloak And Dagger follows two super-powered teenagers from very different backgrounds, who reconnect years after they were both nearly killed when an oil rig collapsed. The couple quickly realizes that they share an undeniable and extremely powerful connection that will change both of their lives. Blending teen drama with gritty realism and serious themes, Marvel's Cloak And Dagger offers something genuinely unique to the genre and delivers an exciting, thought-provoking, and entertaining superhero story.

6 Marvel's Iron Fist (Season 2)

Following a tragic plane crash when he was young, Danny Rand aka. The Immortal Iron Fist returns to New York City to reconnect with old friends and protect his home. Following the massive success of DaredevilLuke Cage and Jessica Jones, it was disappointing to find that the first season of Marvel's Iron Fist was one of the most mind-numbingly dull superhero projects of all-time. With that said, however, Marvel managed to give fans a much more enjoyable second and final season, which delivered a faster-paced narrative, incredible action sequences, and a surprisingly fun storyline. It's a shame the show had to end just as things were getting good!

5 Marvel's Runaways

Marvel's Runaways follows the complex lives of six Los Angeles teenagers who find themselves in an incredibly complex and terrifying situation when they discover that their parents are secretly supervillains. Blending the modern superhero genre with a Gossip Girl-style tone, Marvel's Runaways brings something entirely new and fresh to the comic book format, offering a wildly enjoyable and surprisingly earnest piece of superhero television.

4 Justice League (Animated Series)

The animated Justice League series, which first aired in 2001, follows iconic superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash as they fight crime and protect the earth from powerful threats. While Justice League doesn't even come close to the quality of Batman: The Animated Series, which continues to be one of the most beloved superhero shows of all-time, the show works as the perfect introduction to the DC Comics universe and features some of the teams most exciting and memorable adventures.

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3 Krypton

Set on Superman's home planet two generations before it was destroyed, Krypton tells the story of Kal-El's heroic grandfather as he attempts to redeem his family's tarnished reputation, fight for what he believes in, and protect the future of his house, even if it means sacrificing his world. Overcoming the somewhat unoriginal and dull premise, Krypton uses the vast amount of Superman mythology to its advantage, giving fans an exciting, original, and rich prequel full of beloved heroes, terrifying villains, and unique stories.

2 Legion

Set in an alternate X-Men universe, Legion tells the story of David Haller, an extremely troubled and confused young man suffering from schizophrenia who must deal with the terrifying and very real possibility that his bizarre visions aren't just in his head. Legion might not be the most conventional, straightforward, or satisfying superhero series, but the bold storytelling, mind-blowing visuals, and creatively bonkers writing make it one of the most intriguing and entertaining superhero shows to ever grace the small screen.

1 Smallville

Set in a small Kansas town, Smallville focuses on a young Clark Kent aka Kal-El aka Superman as he learns to control his incredible powers while attending high-school, managing his love life, and attempting to stay out of the government's hands. Compared to more recent superhero offerings such as Arrow and DaredevilSmallville was reluctant to delve completely into the comic book genre, but that didn't stop the series from being a wildly enjoyable, deeply emotional, and surprisingly relatable Superman origin story which paved the way for more superheroes on the small screen.

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