12 Underrated Marvel Superheroes Who Should Get a Netflix TV Series

Ghost Rider - Underrated Marvel Netflix

Marvel has led the way in terms of bringing superheroes to life like we’ve never seen before. They are remaining somewhat loyal to the source material, but they are not afraid to adapt their heroes to the small screen to make them even more successful.

Continuing the success that Marvel has seen with films like Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, and Iron Man, they have moved to the small screen with the same amount of quality with Daredevil on Netflix. With the critical and fan response being overwhelmingly positive, Marvel is moving full speed ahead with even more Netflix based superheroes. They have already announced Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and a team up series for the Defenders, but there is still plenty of room for other heroes that would suit the grittier style of the Netflix series.

With all of that said, here is Screen Rant’s 12 Marvel Characters Who Should Get A Netflix TV Series!

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moon knight 10 underrated marvel characters great movie superheroes
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12 Moon Knight

moon knight 10 underrated marvel characters great movie superheroes

Marc Spector is quickly becoming one of Marvel’s most beloved characters. As the superhero Moon Knight, his brutality when dealing with criminals allows him to fit in perfectly within the world of street-level crime that Marvel has established with Daredevil.  With Daredevil also delving into the realm of magic, Marc Spector’s relationship with the god Khonshu and the abilities granted to him by the god would be an organic fit.

Moon Knight being on the small screen, especially on Netflix, would serve not just the character but the Marvel universe better. With the dark tones and violence associated with Moon Knight, they would have more flexibility when portraying Marc Spector brutally taking out criminals. Like Matt Murdoch, Marc Spector’s origin would fit well into an episodic series that could see Marc go from boxer, to amazing commando in the U.S. Marines, to mercenary, to Moon Knight. Since Marc’s crime fighting mostly stems from his gadgets and fighting abilities, there would still be plenty of budget to show some of his other powers.

11 The Punisher

It’s been confirmed that Jon Bernthal will be our new Punisher in the second season of Daredevil. With Bernthal’s version shaping up to be one of the best Frank Castles we’ve ever seen, fans will undoubtedly respond to this Punisher similarly to how they responded to Daredevil. With both being violent vigilantes, they will have a lot to share regardless of them being at odds at first.

With Jon Bernthal’s rising fame, it would make economic sense for Marvel to order an entire series starring him as The Punisher. Most of the Punisher’s stories would work well in a continuing series rather than being confined to a two-hour movie. Finally, much like Daredevil, The Punisher doesn’t have any superpowers, but simply uses his physical abilities and ingenuity to fight crime. The only major difference would be his use of firearms, but bullet animation is extremely cheap and would be easy for a television show to portray on their budget.

10 She-Hulk

she hulk 10 underrated marvel characters great movie superheroes

With Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk becoming an even larger part of the Marvel universe, and Zoe Saldana’s Gamora being such a hit in Guardians of the Galaxy, audiences seem like they would finally be accepting of a green character. If this is the case, then Jennifer Walters would be a perfect fit to enter this universe.

Jennifer Walters isn’t just Bruce Banner’s cousin who received Hulk-like powers through a blood transfusion. She is an accomplished lawyer who regularly uses her skills in law to triumph her enemies. Much like Matt Murdoch, she tries to change the world through the legal system, but also takes criminals on as a hero. Unlike The Hulk, She-Hulk is able to retain her intelligence while in her Hulk form. Thanks to this, she is able to control her actions much more than Bruce Banner’s Hulk.

With Hulk being the glue that holds the Marvel Cinematic Universe together, She-Hulk could perhaps serve the same purpose for the flourishing Netflix universe they are creating.

9 Spider-Woman

Spider-Woman's (Jessica Drew) New Costume

Jessica Drew has all the right ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe while still being a more grounded hero despite her incredible abilities. Now, with a name like Spider-Woman, many assume she is exactly like Peter Parker, when in fact she is quite different when it comes to her character. Being an assassin for HYDRA, she would have cause to show up as a hero under the new SHIELD.

Separating her from other established, or soon to be established, heroes like Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage, Jessica Jones begins her Spider-Woman crime fighting career in L.A. as opposed to New York. Having a show that is on the opposite end of the country could shake up the often east-coast-centric Marvel universe.

A Spider-Woman series would work very well for Marvel, considering Jessica’s vast experience working as an agent for multiple government agencies, as well as her history as a bounty hunter. She possesses a similar amount of grittiness that we would expect from a Netflix show, but Jessica Drew is also a character with a lot of emotion that would allow her to stand out from the other heroes.

8 Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider - Underrated Marvel Netflix

Ghost Rider is one of the several properties that Marvel studios recently reacquired and now have complete creative control over. With Ghost Rider back under the same roof as most of the Marvel universe, it would be great to see Johnny Blaze get to interact with other characters and within the confines of the larger universe. There has been little to no exposure into the realm of magic and deities so far within the Marvel universe, and Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider would be one hell of a way to kick it off.

The Rider and the journeys he goes on would tonally fit with the atmosphere of Marvel’s other Netflix properties. As long as Nicolas Cage stays as far away as possible from this property, Ghost Rider can be a great story of vengeance and moral disparity.

Ghost Rider has also had plenty of intense encounters with other Marvel heroes that would leave the door open for a big screen appearance or at least a tie in to a larger movie within his own series. For instance, Ghost Rider actually kills Dr. Strange during one storyline and has helped Spider-Man battle a demonic Hobgoblin and several other powerful villains.

7 Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner Interview - Captain America 3 Avengers Infinity War Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner has been killing it as Hawkeye in every Marvel movie he’s been in so far. Many have called for a Hawkeye movie, but the character would really be better suited for a Netflix series. If you’ve ever read even just one comic during Matt Fraction’s run on the series, then you know how well Hawkeye would work as a day-to-day serialized vigilante. Hawkeye has continuously felt out-of-place along the other cinematic Avengers, but if given his own Netflix series, he could shine and be given the treatment not just Renner but Hawkeye the character deserve.

With Marvel planning the Defenders, they could eventually set up a Thunderbolts series. Hawkeye was the longtime leader of this Marvel team. It would be great to see Hawkeye be given his own solo series where we are able to see him grow as a character and be challenged by those with similar skills rather than just kills mindless droves of robots and aliens. Then, to eventually see Hawkeye step up and be given a major leadership role would only increase his character popularity and help dissipate the general consensus that he isn't a very useful character.

6 Cloak & Dagger

Cloak & Dagger - Underrated Marvel Netflix

Two characters that go hand in hand, Cloak & Dagger are a duo that many have campaigned for in hopes that Marvel would order a series surrounding the couple. They are unlike most other heroes in the Marvel universe that are currently in use or scheduled to be used. Both Tandy Bowen, Dagger, and Tyrone Johnson, Cloak, are homeless teenagers who find comfort from the bond they form. Also, suffering the attack and experiment that led to their powers, they still remain ingrained in the street culture.

Admittedly, it may be hard to portray their unique powers on-screen, but the duo are too interesting for Marvel not to take a crack at. With Cloak & Dagger’s symbiotic relationship, it could create a dynamic we have yet to see in any Marvel property. We’ve seen heroes work together, but we haven’t yet seen two heroes rely solely on one another to vanquish their enemy.

5 Blade

Wesley Snipes on Blade 4

The other hero that Marvel recently reacquired the rights to, Blade has proven to be a successful, complex, and useful character. Although the previous Blade movies didn’t get amazing critical reviews, fans responded well enough to warrant a trilogy of films. Now, under the tutelage of Marvel studios, Blade could be given a second chance at giving audiences a new version of their favorite day-walking vampire.

Even though there have been rumors of Wesley Snipes talking to Marvel about reprising his role as Blade, it would make more sense to utilize him on Netflix rather than the big screen. Economically, Wesley Snipes is simply not the huge name actor he once was, so it would be cheaper and safer to bring him to a lower budget show that would involve less risk.

In terms of storytelling, bringing Blade to Netflix would allow him to have enough screen time to hunt other vampires and bring down the intricate organizations that prey on humans. Finally, with the type of character Blade is, he would be better suited to inhabit the darker world of the Netflix Marvel universe. Having his previous movies being rated a hard R, Blade could be portrayed similarly on Netflix without cutting back on the language and gore.

4 Phobos

Phobos - Underrated Marvel Netflix

Most casual superhero fans know nothing about Phobos. This could work out great for Marvel because they’ve shown that they are pros at taking an unknown property and turning it into gold, i.e. Guardians of the Galaxy. However, for those who don’t know, Phobos is the son of Ares, the God of War. He was born mortal and only gained his demigod powers after drinking the blood of the immortal Amatsu-Mikaboshi. After this, he becomes the new god of Fear. Phobos serves under Nick Fury on the Secret Warriors team where he helps face numerous powerful enemies.

A Phobos series on Netflix would work well because he is obviously a darker character considering his heritage and team affiliation. However, Phobos would be better served on Netflix because he has a lot of internalized hatred that could be explored to a greater degree if done over the course of a season. Phobos could also be Marvel’s answer to DC’s Wonder Woman mythology considering that they would have to introduce Ares and other Greek gods and goddesses. Finally, considering that Phobos is known for his swordplay, Netflix’s ability to show a greater degree of violence would allow him to have intense duels with enemies.

3 Black Widow

black widow scarlett johansson 10 most skillful spies not james bond

Like Renner, Scarlett Johansson has been a fan-favorite ever since her debut in Iron Man 2. Like Hawkeye, many have campaigned for a Black Widow film about her past. Considering that she had an expansive espionage career, it would make more sense to explore that at length in a series on Netflix rather than condense those potentially riveting stories into a single two-hour movie.

With a Netflix show, not only could Black Widow’s Russian espionage days be covered, but with the current state of SHIELD and other government agencies, we could see Natasha Romanov be recruited into a Thunderbolts team-up series or even a Secret Avengers. When associated with one of these teams she could go on other espionage missions but now working for her new allies rather than the KGB. With Black Widow requiring very little to no CGI, a lot of the budget for her show could go towards getting great locations and cameos from other big name characters.

2 Shang Chi

Shang Chi - Underrated Marvel Netflix

One of the greatest martial artists in all the Marvel universe, Shang Chi could be a potential hit for Marvel’s Netflix division. There are currently rumors going around that Marvel is having trouble with Iron Fist due to his chi powers being difficult to translate on film, but Shang Chi would be an easier substitute. With similar powers to Iron Fist, Shang Chi is much more based in the realm of reality despite his easy-to-portray super speed and super strength. Other than those two powers, he is just one amazing martial artist with a drive to fight for justice.

Being the son of super villain Fu Manchu, Shang Chi earned his stripes as a hero when he stood up against his father once learning of his villainous ways. Beside his impressive physical abilities Shang Chi is an accomplished leader and operative. He has formed his own organization called Freelance Restorations to combat his father’s The Corporation. Overall, Shang Chi has a rich history to draw from and is a character with a lot of potential when drawn out over a series on Netflix.

1 Conclusion

Cloak & Dagger - Underrated Marvel Netflix

There are dozens of other Marvel heroes that are worthy of getting a Netflix series, so be sure to let us know which ones you’d love to see. Also, tell us which one of these twelve you would prefer to see over all the rest. Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for upcoming Marvel announcements! The next announcement very well could be one of these Netflix series!

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