10 Underrated Keanu Reeves Movies Fans Probably Haven't Seen

Keanu Reeves has had a long career starring in many popular movies but what about the lesser-known ones? Here are 10 of his most underrated roles.

These days, everyone knows who actor Keanu Reeves is. He stars in the John Wick films, which have been massively popular. But those who have really followed his extensive career know that he has been involved in the world of filmmaking for quite some time now. The actor has been in some films that are not that great, but he has also starred in some truly awesome movies as well.

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One of the most well-known movies the actor has starred in is Speed. There is a sequel to that movie, but Reeves did not star in it (which was probably good for his career). But here are some truly underrated movies that he has starred in.

10 A Scanner Darkly

This movie is certainly very unique, and maybe that is part of the reason why it was not as popular as it should have been. This animated film might look like a cartoon, but it is definitely not made for young eyes to watch.

The film follows the same premise as the book, which has the same title. The film is full of talented actors who delivered great performances. Other than Reeves, the movie always stars Robert Downey Jr. and Winona Ryder, who has acted with Reeves in a few other movies as well. The movie was released on July 28, 2006.

9 The Replacements

Keanu starred in a great movie about football, and the title of it is The Replacements. This movie has a little something in it for everyone.

There are lots of scenes in it that football fans will enjoy since the movie is about a bunch of football players. But there is also a bit of a romance between Keanu’s character and a cheerleader.

This movie also has lots of comedy to it, which definitely makes it a lot of fun to watch. There are lots of other talented actors and actresses in the movie as well, including actor Gene Hackman.

8 Constantine

Constantine didn't become very popular, but that doesn’t mean it isn't a good film. These days, movies about superheroes or vigilantes typically get a sequel or two, but that was not the case for this one, unfortunately.

This movie was a very chilling film that was based on the comic book of the same title. It also starred actress Rachel Weisz, as well as actor Shia LaBeouf. Reeves played the title character, John Constantine.

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The movie focuses on a woman investigating the strange death of her sister. She enlists Constantine’s help since he has a rather extensive history with that kind of thing.

7 The Watcher

Lots of the movies Reeves stars in have him playing a good guy, but that is not the case for The Watcher, and that is part of what makes this film different from the rest.

Reeves does a fantastic job playing a murderer in the movie, the only downside to it is the fact that there are lots of moments during which the writing could have been better. But it is still pretty interesting to see him play a character that is so different from what audiences are used to seeing him play, so it kind of makes the movie worth at least checking out.

6 Sweet November

Sweet November isn’t that great of a movie, but Reeves’ talent is one of the few things that actually makes the film worth viewing a time or two. Another thing that makes it worth watching is the performance that was delivered in it from actress Charlize Theron.

The plot of the film is kind of lackluster, and it is not very different from other romance films. In the movie, Reeves plays Nelson Moss, a workaholic who learns to let loose and live a bit after spending time with a woman named Sara Deever. But there’s more to Deever than what she originally tells him.

5 The Lake House

The Lake House is another romance movie, but there is a big part of the story that makes it different from the rest. It wasn’t a very popular film when it came out but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it does have a very interesting plot.

Other than Reeves, the film is also led by actress Sandra Bullock. The movie centers on a woman who stayed in a lake house. During the film, she gets some letters from an architect, who used to reside in that same lake house. They begin a relationship while trying to figure out how this got started in the first place.

4 Hardball

It seems that any sports-related movies that star Reeves are probably pretty good, and that is no different when it comes to Hardball. This movie has a lot of heart to it, and it is probably one of the best movies that Reeves has done, and yet hardly anyone is talking about it.

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Hardball is about a man who constantly finds himself in some deep trouble. He needs a bit of help from one of his friends, but in order to get it, he must coach a Little League baseball team. He has a rough time doing it at first, but it gets easier for him as time passes, and he becomes close with the kids.

3 The Gift

There are a lot of things that make The Gift worth watching, and one of them is the fact that it has a really star-studded cast. In the film, actress Cate Blanchett plays a psychic woman who is trying to find out what happened to a missing woman.

While she is trying to figure it out, she accidentally uncovers a lot of things she did not know about the other people who live in her town. This is another movie where Reeves plays a rather different character than his fans are used to seeing him play. His character isn’t very likable, which just means he does a really awesome job in the film.

2 Parenthood

Parenthood is a movie that came out in the late 1980s, and it definitely does not get the recognition it deserves. Reeves is one of many well-known stars in the movie. Despite the fact that this movie has a really strong cast, it is still kind of underrated.

The story centers around the Buckman family. Each member of the family is just trying to deal with the various interesting things that life has thrown at them. Some of the other cast members in this classic movie include Steve Martin, Mary Steenburgen, Rick Moranis, and a young Joaquin Phoenix. The film was directed by Ron Howard.

1 Chain Reaction

Reeves, Morgan Freeman, and Rachel Weisz are the three main cast members in Chain Reaction. There are very few things as scary as getting framed for someone’s death, and that is one of the events that gets the ball rolling in this movie.

Two of the leading characters in the film are working on an alternative energy project when they become the prime suspects of a very serious crime. This ends up forcing the two of them to go on the run. While this movie is not the greatest one Reeves has ever done, it really isn’t that bad, either.

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