19Harry Warden - My Bloody Valentine (1981 & 2009)

my bloody valentine

This segment may, admittedly, seem like a horror fandom faux pas because, for those in the know, Harry Warden was never the primary villain of either version of My Bloody Valentine. We do see him kill, but only through flashbacks. In a genre so overly reliant on myths and urban

legends, the legend of Harry Warden somehow stands out, though that may be primarily due to the film’s censorship history, as well as both films’ expecting us to believe that Warden has come back to kill, only to pull the rug out from under us.

Regardless of whether or not Harry Warden is the one carrying the pickaxe, the look of the slasher miner, especially in the 1981 original, is decently terrifying. He has a somewhat similar presence to Michael Myers in the original Halloween, in that his eyes are black and soulless and the breathing created by the oxygen tank is rather ominous. Superficial comparisons to a more legendary slasher aside, Harry Warden’s aesthetics should have made for greater popularity.

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