Like many other small town settings of stories by seminal horror author Stephen King, Chester’s Mill, Maine is a seemingly idyllic village that hides a considerable number of dark secrets. When the entire town becomes enveloped in an indestructible field of mysterious energy – cutting the community off almost entirely from the rest of the world – those secrets threaten to burst into the open. As the rule of law begins to buckle and citizens turn against one another, the few decent men and women left Under the Dome must discover a way to escape… or die trying.

Under the Dome adapts King’s novel of the same name into a 13-episode miniseries, co-written by Brian K. Vaughan (Lost). The series features Dean Norris (Breaking Bad), Mike Vogel (Bates Motel), Rachel Lefevre (White House Down), and Jeff Fahey (Machete), among many others.

Under the Dome Handprint Under the Dome Trailer Shows the Imprisonment of Chesters Mill

The video above is the first full-length trailer for the CBS summer miniseries. Though it does feature some material already seen in previous television spots, the preview also gives a better idea of the makeup of the Chester’s Mill community. Much attention is given to Dean Norris’s local politico/honcho “Big Jim” Rennie and the series of events that lead to the town being so unprepared to deal with its sudden isolation.

So far, the miniseries’ previews have focused on the opening moments of the story, leaving the increasingly chaotic latter portions of the novel for the broadcast itself. If this trailer is any indication, the adaptation will hew fairly close to the novel’s moment-by-moment accounting of a town completely cut off from society. We have a little over a month to find out whether this approach will work on the small screen.

Under the Dome will begin its 13-episode run on CBS on June 24th, 2013.

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