Brian K. Vaughan To Adapt Stephen King's 'Under The Dome' For Showtime

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Announced in August, Showtime's adaptation of Stephen King's Under the Dome is an ambitious project expected to attract some of the industry's top talent. Now comes word that acclaimed writer Brian K. Vaughan has been tasked to script the transition of King's work from novel to television series.

As a writer, Vaughan’s work is often thought of as being socially conscious, with a strong tendency to infuse multiple aspects of popular culture into both his character dialogue and overarching themes. Much of Vaughan’s writing has also exhibited a flair for the occasional twist ending, and frequently leaving his readers on the precipice of an excruciating cliffhanger.

Best known for his highly-praised work on comic titles such as Y: The Last Man, Runaways, Ex Machina and Pride of Baghdad, Vaughan has recently been turning his talented pen toward writing for film and television - most notably on seasons 3-5 of ABC's LostDuring his stint on  the show, Vaughan was instrumental in bringing out some of the latter seasons’ better-received episodes, such as 'Meet Kevin Johnson' and 'The Shape of Things to Come'. However, despite the attention Vaughan's name brought the series – and vice-versa – the writer left prior to the final season.

Between the end of his run on Lost and his upcoming duties on Under the Dome, Vaughan was hard at work adapting some of his aforementioned comic titles for the screen – including Y: The Last Man, which ventured nearest to fruition with D.J. Caruso (I am Number Four, Suburbia)  rumored to direct, and Transformers actor Shia LaBeouf rumored to star. At present, however, the quest to bring Yorick Brown to the big screen has stalled - leaving Vaughan free to lend his considerable talents to Under the Dome.

Production on the show moved at a similarly slow pace prior to having been set up at Showtime – executive producer Steven Spielberg and his Dreamworks partner Stacey Snider nabbed the rights to the novel shortly after its publication in 2009. Now, following a fairly lengthy process to find the writer who would bring the trapped residents of Chester’s Mill to television, it seems Vaughan has met with the approval of not only Spielberg and Snider, but also King himself.

While Vaughan begins work scripting the pilot episode (and beyond), production on Under the Dome can now shift toward finding a director for the pilot (at present there is no word if Spielberg plans to get behind the camera), and casting the various lead and supporting roles in the series.

This is certainly good news for a series that started its life with more than its fair share of blessings. If Steven Spielberg producing a series based on Stephen King’s work wasn’t big enough, Vaughan’s participation is now likely to garner even more interest in what will almost certainly be a massive hit for Showtime.


Screen Rant will be sure to bring you more news on Under the Dome as it becomes available.

Source: Deadline

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