Lisa Leslie, Reggie Miller, & Nate Robinson Interview: Uncle Drew

What happens when you get some of the most elite basketball players of all time together for a movie? A lot of dunking on unsuspecting victims apparently. Lisa Leslie, one of the greatest WNBA basketball players of all-time, Reggie Miller, a three-point legend in the NBA, and Nate Robinson, the first three-time NBA Slam Dunk contest winner all star in Uncle Drew, opening in theaters June 29th, 2018.

Screen Rant sat down with Lisa Leslie, Reggie Miller, and Nate Robinson to talk about their playing styles, fun jokes on the set, the many outtakes, ad libbing their scenes, and why you should see the movie.

Screen Rant: Uncle Drew was a lot of fun. It's a lot of fun. And all three of you guys had a different game when you played. Three points. You were great in the post.  And you can take straight to the hole. So, was there any advice that you guys had for each other's game when you guys were just playing around on the courts?

Lisa Leslie: Dude, are you serious right now?  No, I mean who's going to give me.

Nate Robinson: These are all legends, you’re not going to give them advice.

Lisa Leslie: And this is the thing. You described our games. We just did some of those things. Like Reggie could post up. Reggie could get underneath. Reggie could get to the bucket. He could shoot from half court threes. And you know, Betty Lou could do it all.

Nate Robinson: I’m not going to give…

Lisa Leslie: So, we had a great time. The cast was amazing. And the chemistry was second to none.

Screen Rant: Now speaking of the cast and all the fun stories that you guys had, are there any fun stories like behind the scenes that were just happening? Because Nick told me a story about how you just dunked. Or no, Lil Rel to told me you just kind of dunked on him when he was in a conversation with somebody.

Nate Robinson: Yeah. So, the trick is, whenever somebody’s standing by the basket, no matter what,

Reggie Miller: Underneath the rim.

Nate Robinson: Underneath the basket.  Underneath the rim. It's like we used to play a game when were young. We just dunk it on whoever it is. So, it could be anybody. If Obama was underneath that basket, I would have tried to posterize Obama, to go viral. Just because.  You know what I'm saying? Like who dunks on Obama?

Lisa Leslie: But only if the President was aware of the game.

Nate: Robinson Yeah. You know what I'm saying? It's just funny. It's a funny game, but we got Shaq and I caught Rel one time. So, it's just fun and games is all.

Screen Rant: That’s hilarious. In the post credit stuff, there's a lot of outtakes. And I think those are so funny to watch. Is there anything that you may have seen from those, that you were like, oh, I wish that kind of made it into the film?

Lisa Leslie: Oh, a whole lot!

Nate Robinson: Yeah, listen, I have a whole phone full.

Lisa Leslie: They should have talked to us.

Nate Robinson: They should have asked us to send them everything.  I had so many. I had when Chris Webber shot his shot. He did a trick shot. Where he throws it up and it bounced one time. It goes in the basket. I got that on film. Funny stuff. You know what I'm saying? Cool stuff they didn’t even.

Reggie Miller: There was a movie within the movie that was being shot. If all the outtakes…

Nate Robinson: I got him shooting. He made every shot like 10, 12 shots in a row with none of them hit the rim. We have all the footage. It's just crazy.

Reggie Miller: We’re amateur filmmakers.

Screen Rant: Now we want the Uncle Drew like DVD. You know what I mean?

Lisa Leslie: The behind, yeah.

Screen Rant: The behind the scenes.

Reggie Miller: The players edition.

Nate Robinson: They need that players edition for sure.

Screen Rant: So, obviously it seemed like there was a lot of ad lib that you guys did. Was there anything that you guys learned from Nick and Lil Rel that you can kind of take that with the acting ability?

Nate Robinson: Yeah.

Lisa Leslie: Yes.

Reggie Miller: They gave us a license to ad lib. Because they would do a scene one way. And you know, you have in, the magic of Hollywood, you got to do it like five, six times. Every scene would be different. So, we were like, okay, well let's do it this way too.

Lisa Leslie: Yeah.

Nate Robinson: Right.

Screen Rant: Wow, that's crazy. Now, what do you want people, because I think this movie's just so much fun and I want everyone to see it. It's such a nice change of pace. So, what do you want people to see out of this movie? Why should people go see Uncle Drew?

Nate Robinson: It's a great family movie and it puts, of course everybody that's going to watch it. I mean, you love sports, you love each and every character that's playing. So, for us the message we’re trying to get across is just, you could bring your friends, family.  It's a great movie that's put together a great cast and so many great messages.

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