Uncharted Designer Returns to Sony For Secret Project

Former Uncharted designer Quentin Cobb has returned to the PlayStation family. The veteran game developer is now working for Sony as a senior game designer on a yet to be announced project. This comes after Cobb spent over a year at Daybreak Games working on their zombie survival MMO Just Survive (a spinoff of H1Z1) specializing in combat and level design.

Best known for spending seven years at Naughty Dog, Cobb began his career in 2010 as a quality assurance tester. His official position switched to game designer in 2012, where he primarily worked on multiplayer systems design. That included designing and implementing the bosses in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End's survival mode. He wasn't solely multiplayer, though, as he contributed to both of the single-player campaigns of The Last of Us and Uncharted 4. His work on The Last of Us included coming up with the placement of ammo and crafting items for all of the game's four difficulty modes.

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Cobb officially announced his new job position on his Twitter account, saying: "Today was my first day as a Sr. Game Designer for Sony todayI can't wait to talk about the project I'm working on and what the future holds." He finished his statement by saying that it's "good to be back" with Sony.

The Last of Us video game remastered

This is certainly an exciting hire for Sony. Quentin Cobb has shown a tremendous versatility in his game design, having worked on both single-player campaigns and multiplayer aspects of triple-A titles. That means he'll have plenty to contribute to development no matter what type of project they're working on. Few designers have a résumé with such high-profile games on them, and his familiarity within the PlayStation family of developers has to help ease the transition.

While it's currently unknown what exactly the project could be, eager fans could get a hint at this year's Sony E3 2018 press conference, which is slated to stream in less than two weeks. The game is likely in the earlier stages of development considering they just hired a senior game designer for it, but it's not like Sony hasn't revealed games early, even when they have several years of development left.  It will certainly be one of the more intriguing storylines to watch for during this year's press conference, and no matter whenever it winds up being announced, it likely will be a huge deal for PlayStation.

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