Uncharted Movie Director Praises Nathan Fillion Fan Film

Nathan Fillion appeared in an Uncharted fan film released a few weeks ago, and the director of Sony's upcoming Uncharted movie recently praised Fillion and director Allan Ungar. Fans have been dying to see Fillion in the role of Nathan Drake, and now they can do just that with the 14-minute short.

An Uncharted film has been on Sony's radar for quite some time, but has never gotten past the development stage. At one point, David O. Russell was set to direct the film but was eventually replaced by Shawn Levy. Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Mark Wahlberg were also going to be in the film - with the latter playing Nathan Drake - but that plan went out the window when Russell dropped out of the project. As of right now, Tom Holland as Nathan Drake is the only official casting announcement, and Sony is currently trying to cast the character Victor “Sully” Sullivan since he is a rather important character to the Uncharted lore. Bryan Cranston was rumored to be snagging the role, but only time will tell if that becomes official.

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In an interview with Italian website Bad Taste (via Cinema Blend) Levy gave his thoughts on the fan film stating, "Oh my God! Yes, absolutely a surprise! I found it directed very well, played just as well. Very funny. I liked it both as a fan of the game and of the franchise". Levy seems to be on the same page with fans, since many fans of the series thought the short film got the spirit of the games right. If fans are lucky, Levy's film with Holland could take a page or two out of Ungar's playbook.

Nathan Drake Uncharted

There's no denying that video game movies often have a tough time when it comes to critics and the box office. Fans have seen multiple video game movies come and go over the past few decades, and none of them have really gotten a ton of critical praise. Uncharted has a lot of potential to succeed, especially since Ungar was able to successfully pull off a short film with the same source material.

Uncharted has often been compared to Indiana Jones, since they both share the same general concept. It isn't new news that Indiana Jones 5 has been in some trouble the past few years. If Levy gets his way, Uncharted will be like Indiana Jones for a new generation. If Levy's first film succeeds like Ungar's film has, it wouldn't be surprising to see Uncharted became the next big action franchise.

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Source: Bad Taste (via Cinema Blend)

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