Uncharted Movie Being Rewritten By Agents Of SHIELD Producer

Uncharted movie is being rewritten by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. writer-producer Rafe Judkins. The film adaptation of Naughty Dog's acclaimed video game series of the same name has been in development for almost a decade. At first, the movie was conceived as a direct adaptation of the games with someone like Nathan Fillion or Mark Wahlberg playing the titular character, Nathan Drake. But then things changed when Tom Holland pitched an idea about an Uncharted prequel story.

Spider-Man: Homecoming's Holland is now attached to play a young Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie for Sony Pictures, which will be an origin story helmed by Stranger Things and Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy. It's unclear, however, if any elements from Joe Carnahan's completed script will factor into the film, seeing as the origin story concept wasn't decided upon until summer 2017. Considering that Drake's early years aren't explored comprehensively in the games, the story currently being written by Judkins will presumably consist mostly of original ideas in addition to existing outside of the games' timeline.

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In an interview with Deadline, Uncharted producer Charles Roven, who's primarily known for producing every DC Comics movie since Batman Begins, revealed that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 and season 2 supervising producer Rafe Judkins is currently in the midst of rewriting the script for the long-awaited video game movie.

"We’ve come up with a wonderful origin story but it’s still based on the Uncharted video game. It doesn’t take place during any of the time periods of any of the Uncharted video games. It actually takes place when Nathan Drake and Sully, I guess you’d call him his surrogate father, were much younger. It’s an origin story that evolves out of the game but is not from the game. Shawn Levy is going to be directing it and a young writer Rafe Judkins is currently writing the screenplay."

Tom Holland Nathan Drake Uncharted

In addition to revealing Judkins' involvement with the project, Roven reaffirms that Sully will appear in the movie alongside Nathan Drake, though the role hasn't been filled yet. Holland is interested in someone such as Chris Pratt or Jake Gyllenhaal playing Sully, but the studio and Levy may be eyeing Bryan Cranston for the gig.

At the moment, there's no telling when the Uncharted movie will release, let along go into production. Filming was originally supposed to commence in late 2017, but retooling the movie into an origin story seems to have pushed everything back. However, fans may be relieved to know that Sony is still actively pursuing the adaptation by hiring Judkins to pen the latest draft of the screenplay. Hopefully, everyone will be satisfied with it to start rolling cameras in the near-future.

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Source: Deadline

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