Tom Holland Preparing For Upcoming Uncharted Movie Role

Tom Holland Nathan Drake Uncharted

Fans are eagerly awaiting Tom Holland's Uncharted film and the actor is beginning to prepare for his upcoming role in the film. Based on a popular series of video games, Uncharted follows Nathan Drake and his compatriots in their adventures throughout exotic locations.

A film project based on the popular series of video games has been discussed in Hollywood for years. Beginning in 2009, a number of writers, producers, and actors have been involved in the project, ultimately leaving due to other commitments as the movie adaptation continued to stall. Multiple actors ranging from Nathan Fillion to Chris Pratt were up for the film's protagonist, with Fillion even beginning a Twitter campaign to encourage fans to support him in his desire to play the role.

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In 2016, Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy was announced to direct the Uncharted film which will be a prequel to the games. Spider-Man: Homecoming's Tom Holland is attached to star and the actor recently took to his Instagram story to post a video of an Uncharted game screen with the caption, "For research purposes." Holland's research is good news for game fans who would like to see their favorite hero brought to the screen after so many trials and tribulations. Take a look at the video courtesy of Twitter user Cade_Onder:

Fans of the film should be aware that this is in no way a confirmation of any sort of official production start for the Uncharted movie. It's very likely that Sony will be hedging its bets, building a franchise around the young actor who was a breakout star of Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming. With Bryan Cranston rumored to be considered for a key role and possible shooting locations revealed, it looks like it's full steam ahead for the Uncharted film franchise.

With so many false starts to a franchise that could potentially be a new Indiana Jones for moviegoersUncharted is an incredibly bankable property. Holland joins a long list of actors who were rumored to play the role and many fans have offered skepticism at the idea that the movie would be a prequel, wondering if he'd carry the role forward through the rest of the franchise.

Concerned fans shouldn't worry, however. Holland's dedication to research as well as his gift for comedic timing as Peter Parker makes him an ideal choice for the role of young Nathan Drake. If he'll continue to play the character throughout the franchise remains to be seen, but he certainly embodies the youthful spirit that makes Drake such a notable character beloved by fans. The Uncharted film does not currently have a release date.

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