Uncharted: Possible Movie Start Date & Location

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When it comes to difficult and sporadic production cycles, the live-action film version of Sony's Uncharted video game series definitely ranked high among its would-be cinematic peers. But through some dogged determination and a new script by Joe Carnahan, the on again off again project is seemingly locked once again in the "on again" position. The film was fast-tracked back in October with Real Steel and Stranger Things director Shawn Levy attached to helm the project. Since then news surrounding the video-game-to-film adaptation has been trickling forth at a stead rate.

While there's been no word on casting for the film as of yet, it seems the production is confident enough the major roles will be in place soon that a potential filming start date has reportedly surfaced, as well as a probable filming location. The news hints that things behind the scenes are progressing swimmingly, and that more announcements will likely be on the way soon, as the adventures of Nathan Drake – along with Sully, and Elena Fisher – are finally about to get the big-screen treatment that has been progressing in fits and starts since 2009.

The news on a possible start date comes from My Entertainment World (via All The Stuff You Care About), which lists "Late Spring 2017" as the possible commencement for the film's production, and a rather apt location of Colombia and its stunning vista as the best way to capture the look and feel of the graphically impressive games. And although the information is could change, it likely means Uncharted is looking at a May start date in South America.

A Colombian location shoot should lend the film – at least the parts not requiring lots of special effects – a certain level of authenticity. Filming on location in Colombia was a huge part of the success of Netflix's Narcos, as the commitment to verisimilitude, both in terms of the series' visual aesthetic and its documentary-like reading of the material, delivered a finished product that rang true for many audiences. The same has yet to be proven by Levy's efforts with Uncharted, but news that the director is aiming (at least partially) for an on-location shoot in South America feels like a step in the right direction.

Although it's likely that productions on the scale of this one routinely undertake several tasks simultaneously, the discovery of a filming start date and location before a casting announcement may read to some as Sony and Levy putting the cart before the horse. With any luck, however, this news means that Uncharted is close to casting its leads and that much closer to making an announcement regarding just who will take on the role of fortune hunter Nathan Drake.

Screen Rant will have more details for you on Uncharted as they are made available.


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