Uncharted Movie Fan Poster Casts Chris Hemsworth Opposite Tom Holland

A new fan poster has cast Chris Hemsworth in the role of Sully opposite Tom Holland's Drake in the forthcoming Uncharted movie. The Uncharted series began life in 2007 as an action-adventure video game for the PlayStation 3 and was immediately hailed as the successor to Lara Croft's title of gaming's foremost explorer. Since then, Naughty Dog have released four titles in the main Uncharted series, as well as a smattering of handheld games, expansion packs, browser adventures and more, going on to become one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time.

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Since the Uncharted games offer highly cinematic gameplay, it didn't take long before calls for a movie adaptation began in earnest and reports regarding the development of an Uncharted movie at Sony emerged as early as 2008. David O. Russell was originally attached to write and direct the project and actors as diverse as Chris Pratt and Mark Wahlberg were reportedly considered to star as Drake, but as the years passed by, Russell dropped out and despite Sony's insistence that the film was still active, no firm details were to be found. In October 2016 however, Shawn Levy (since replaced by Dan Trachtenberg) was confirmed to be directing the Uncharted movie, with Joe Carnahan writing the script. Tom Holland, best known as the MCU's Spider-Man was later confirmed to be starring as Nathan Drake and recent reports suggest that Chris Hemsworth could be in line to play Drake's ally and friend, Victor "Sully" Sullivan.

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A fan-made poster by Instagram user SPDRMNKY XXIII now casts Hemsworth as Sully and places him alongside Holland's Drake, giving fans an idea of what this MCU duo could look like in the Uncharted movie. The poster features the familiar latin phrase "Sic Parvis Magna" that has featured previously in the game series and the image itself fittingly takes the form of a worn adventurer's map. Meanwhile, Hemsworth looks dashing sporting his Sully mustache and the character's ring also appears prominently.

The poster contains a number of references to the Uncharted video games and fans will undoubtedly be hoping that the movie follows suit, rather than deviating too far from the source material. However, it's Chris Hemsworth's casting as Sully that is sure to be the cause of much debate. Holland and Hemsworth have demonstrated a fantastic and often hilarious friendship in interviews, cultivated during their time fighting evil in the Marvel movies, and seeing them as Drake and Sully on screen could prove a tantalizing prospect for some, especially more casual viewers who aren't as familiar with the games. On the other hand, Hemsworth could be considered too young to portray Sully, who is 56 at the outset of the games. Other names linked with the role include Woody Harrelson, who is a full 22 years Hemsworth's senior.

Naturally, expectations for the Uncharted movie remain somewhat muted at present and, given the quality of previous big screen video game adaptations, that skepticism is completely understandable, especially since Assassin's Creed - a film that included the same themes of exploration, adventure and history Uncharted will undoubtedly feature - was released to a largely unenthusiastic response. There is, however, a ray of hope. Detective Pikachu, released earlier this year, finally proved that a successful game-to-movie adaptation was possible and many Uncharted fans will be hoping that Tom Holland's turn as Nathan Drake continues that upward trend.

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Source: SPDRMNKY XXiii/Instagram

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