Uncharted Movie Loses Director Shawn Levy

Sony is searching for a new director for their live-action Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, after losing Shawn Levy.

Tom Holland Nathan Drake Uncharted

Sony's Uncharted movie has lost director Shawn Levy. The studio has been trying to get the live-action movie adaptation of the hit video game series off the ground for years, but has struggled to do so. That appeared to have changed when Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy joined in 2016.

At the time of his addition, it was reported that Sony and Levy were hoping to "fast-track" Uncharted's production, but that clearly has yet to happen. They did make progress on the casting front, with Sony recruiting their Spider-Man star Tom Holland. The pairing of Holland and Levy was set to come together to tell an origin story of explorer Nathan Drake, an idea that Holland himself pitched for the movie. Just earlier this fall, Levy mentioned that the project's status was merely a matter of scheduling, and it appears his is now too full to be involved.

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THR revealed that Levy has exited Uncharted as its director. The timing of this comes as another video game related project of Levy's was green-lit, so this is a matter of scheduling and not the usual "creative differences" that often are the cause for such exits. But, the loss of Levy for Uncharted has simply restarted the director search process, which is now ongoing. The good news is that Holland remains attached to star even after Levy left.

Nathan Drake Uncharted

This is just the latest step backwards for Uncharted to take, but it'll hopefully be the last at this stage. Since Levy's work on his other movie is resulting in the scheduling conflict with Uncharted, this should be a sign that Sony still has plans to make the movie in the near future. It should once again just come down to Holland's schedule, but they must have at least a rough timetable in mind if Levy's work on the other project overlaps with the time he'd be needed for Uncharted.

Holland's schedule is currently fairly open now too, since he's wrapped on Spider-Man: Far From Home. He will have to go back for reshoots at some point next year, and is also set to do the same on Chaos Walking once Daisy Ridley is done filming Star Wars: Episode IX. Holland will have to go on a large promotional campaign next year too for Far From Home, and may even have some requirements for Avengers: Endgame, so that could factor into his busy schedule. But, other than reshoots and promo tours, the only other project on Holland's plate that will have to fight for filming time is The Devil All the Time, which is reportedly set to start filming in February. This could allow Uncharted to film in the second half of 2019, giving Sony a few more months to find a director and finalize their vision.

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Source: THR

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