Uncharted Movie Loses Its Director (Again), Tom Holland Still Attached

Tom Holland starring as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie

Sony's Uncharted movie loses its director as Dan Trachtenberg exits the video game adaptation, but Tom Holland is still set to star as Nathan Drake. The Uncharted movie has been in development for many years now, with filmmakers coming and going, including David O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook) and Seth Gordon (Baywatch, Horrible Bosses). The current incarnation of the Uncharted movie got going in 2016 when Joe Carnahan was brought in to rewrite the script, with Shawn Levy later attached to direct. However, Levy departed the film in December 2018 and Trachtenberg was recruited by Sony a month later in January.

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Based on the Naughty Dog video game series of the same name, Uncharted cast Spider-Man actor Holland as a young Nathan Drake in 2017. Given the actor's age, it became clear the Uncharted movie will tell the game protagonist's origin story. However, though Sony gave Uncharted a Winter 2020 release date, it's unclear whether the project will make that date considering it hasn't started filming yet. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time this particular video game adaptation has had to move its release date. Uncharted has experienced quite a few setbacks while in pre-production, and now sees another one hit.

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Today, Deadline reports that Trachtenberg is exiting Uncharted as its director, but Sony Pictures is already meeting with replacements and is expected to find a new director before the end of the summer. Holland is still attached to star in Uncharted, which is reportedly aiming to start production early next year. Further, Sony's new in-house studio, PlayStation Productions, has boarded the film, making it the first movie produced by the video game adaptation-focused studio.

Nathan Drake Uncharted Games

This latest setback doesn't bode well for Uncharted's current 2020 release date, and it's likely Sony will push the movie's theatrical debut back until 2021. Perhaps the movie will be ready for the Summer 2021 blockbuster season, though that might mean Holland's film would be facing off against the likes of Universal's Jurassic World 3, Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Warner Bros' The Batman. However, Uncharted's biggest potential competition in the Summer 2021 movie season is Indiana Jones 5. The video game is already incredibly similar to Indiana Jones and former director Levy said the Uncharted movie is Indiana Jones for a new generation - though it's unclear how much weight that holds now that Levy is no longer involved in the project as its director.

Still, although this latest news may cast doubt on whether Uncharted can meets its current release date - and, if it can't, when it might eventually hit theaters - it should come with some relief that Sony seems dedicated to finally getting the production off the ground. If the studio does find a director to fill Trachtenberg's shoes before the end of the summer, they can continue working on Uncharted and get it ready to start filming. Of course, this also isn't the first time Uncharted has hit a setback, only to bounce back and hit another setback. So fans may want to wait and see what becomes of this video game movie. But, at least, those who are fans of Holland's casting can take heart that he's still on board as young Nathan Drake in Uncharted.

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Source: Deadline

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