'The Fighter' Director On Shortlist for 'Uncharted' Movie

Last summer we reported on the news that a big-screen adaptation of the popular adventure video game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was on the way. It originally had Kyle Ward (Hitman 2, Kane & Lynch) on board to write the script, but last November news surfaced that Ward had been replaced by Conan reboot writers, Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer.

But who will direct the Uncharted movie? Well, there's no official confirmation yet but there's news that Sony has already drawn up a shortlist of directors, and included on that list is David O. Russell.

That name may not be readily familiar to you as Russell is not necessarily known for the types of movies we cover here at Screen Rant, nor for films similar to what you'd expect Uncharted to be. Russell has historically tackled indie dramas like Spanking the Monkey and I Heart Huckabees - however, you'll probably know him better as the director of the excellent Three Kings and for the upcoming Christian Bale/Mark Wahlberg boxing drama, The Fighter (see below), which he just finished filming.

Whalberg Bale the fighter

So Russell is not the first name I'd think of to direct a movie based on the Uncharted video game, but it's an interesting choice I must admit. However, let it be noted that things are only really at the meetings stage at this point - and to reiterate, Russell is just on a shortlist of directors (the others were not listed) and is not actually the frontrunner.

Evidently Sony is moving full speed ahead with Uncharted and at one point the studio was reportedly considering pushing the movie for a Summer 2011 release to fill a hole in its schedule. However, now that they have the Kevin James comedy The Zookeeper scheduled, its unlikely the studio will push Uncharted for 2011 release.

Uncharted is definitely one of those few video games really suited for the big-screen. Along with Prince of Persia (which comes out this summer), Metal Gear Solid (a movie of which has been talked about for a long time) and Bioshock, Uncharted is a game I think could really work as a cinematic narrative, taking things beyond the gameplay.

uncharted drake's fortune movie david o. russell director

Now that they've found writers and pretty soon (I expect) a director, all we really need now is a leading man. Nathan Fillion, anyone?

Is David O. Russell a good choice to direct Uncharted: Drake's Fortune or is he completely unsuited? Do you think Nathan Fillion is a good choice for the lead or do you have someone else in mind?

Source: LA Times

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