David O. Russell No Longer Directing 'Uncharted' Movie

David O. Russell not directing Uncharted Movie

With video game movies having become what's arguably the most disappointing genre of film, it didn't help the frustration of video gamers hearing that David O. Russell was developing a film adaptation of Uncharted which seemingly had little to do with the game. Even the potential casting of Mark Wahlberg as the franchise's protagonist, Nathan Drake, had mixed reaction but that all may be coming to an end, with at least half of the problem already alleviated.

That's right. David O. Russell is no longer directing the Uncharted movie. Happy or disappointed?

Coming off of the glowing success of The Fighter, the Uncharted film made quite a few headlines that didn't sit well with moviegoers familiar with the popular and critically claimed Uncharted video games. From Russell's talk of this "family dynamic" and a story that involved New York, gangsters, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, it simply wasn't the Uncharted that players of the games are familiar with and in most cases, wanted.

According to Variety, it may no longer matter now since David O. Russell has left the project due to what they claim are "creative differences." Perhaps the studio and game developer Naughty Dog weren't fond of the negative buzz about the movie, especially with Uncharted 3 set to debut this fall as one of the year's most anticipated video games (it's in Game Rant's top 3!) and set to be introduced in full to the world in two weeks at E3 in Los Angeles.

If Russell is off the project, what does that say about his actor-partner, Marky Mark? Without a director and Wahlberg never really officially signed (he claimed he was a lock for the role), does this mean the Uncharted movie will start with a clean slate with different people involved behind and in front of the cameras?


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Source: Variety

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