Uncharted Fan Film Director Has NO Plans For A Sequel

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Uncharted fan film director Allan Ungar and star Nathan Fillion reveal they have no plans for a sequel - though they'd be happy to revisit it. This week, Ungar released an Uncharted fan film on his personal YouTube channel, starring none other than the original inspiration for Nathan Drake himself - Fillion. The video has clocked over 2.3 million views since, and has been received with critical and fan acclaim.

Fans have been waiting for an Uncharted film for ages, and although Sony has toyed with the idea on a few occasions, nothing has come to fruition - yet. It was reported that an origins film directed by Shawn Levy and starring Tom Holland is in development, but it's been in the works for quite some time now. Fillion has always been the fan-favorite amidst talks of casting Nathan Drake, and, as a fan of the infamous series himself, said that he was "tired of waiting" for a movie.

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Unfortunately, this seems to have been a once-off for Ungar. He decided to make the short after a film he had been supposed to work on had to be pushed back, and he plans to go ahead with that film now. In an interview with io9, both Fillion and Ungar discussed the fan film and its future, stating they already accomplished what they aimed to do. Fillion said, "I’m a never say never guy. Right now, everything that we set out to do we have accomplished. So it’s already a dream come true." Ungar continued:

"I said to Nathan when we first met, 'If this lives and dies as just a 15-minute piece we’ll have done everything we need to do.' Now, if Sony or Netflix or Amazon or YouTube or someone came forward and said, 'Hey, there’s enough demand for this, do you guys want to continue this story?' We’d be very happy to talk about it."

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Talking about how the movie came to be, producer Alex Lebovici put Ungar in touch with mutual friend Fillion, who said that he could see immediately that Ungar "loves, honors, and respects what makes Uncharted so great, which is the story and the the characters." The two set to work on the short film, which was shot over five days. The budget is unknown, but Ungar joked that it was made using his "Bar Mitzvah money." The 15-minute short needed to be contained, and doesn't feature any extravagant sets. Ungar said, “I knew that we would never, ever be able to go out into a temple or a castle or any of these other things.” However, he very cleverly used this to his advantage, stating the Uncharted series is about "character and story." Fillion made for a fantastic Drake, as expected, and the short has become a success.

So, although Ungar has his hands full at present, there could be a possibility of him returning to work with Fillion in the future. On the other hand, luckily for fans of the short film, Fillion has said he is open to doing more Uncharted. Although the director may not be returning for at least a while, he has succeeded in providing Fillion with a taste for playing his virtual doppelgänger, and Fillion wants more. Whether Fillion ever does reprise the role of Nathan Drake remains to be seen, but as the actor himself said: Never say never.

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Source: io9

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