Nathan Fillion Plays Nathan Drake in Amazing Uncharted Fan Film

Nathan Fillion stars as Nathan Drake in a new Uncharted live-action fan film. This is the film that Uncharted fans have wanted all along, and although the movie is only 15-minutes long, it captures the spirit of the video games by casting the only actor most fans ever wanted in the lead.

The story of Uncharted is about a man named Nathan Drake, who goes on adventures, raids tombs and circumvents those who would do him harm to beat him to sacred treasures. Sure, it sounds like a retelling of Tomb Raider with a male protagonist, but the Uncharted franchise has been a huge hit since the first game released in 2007. Not only do the video games take players to exotic locales, but it puts them right smack into a swashbuckling adventure that involves figuring out puzzles, climbing up ancient buildings and discovering the mysteries of the ancient world. That kind of story is ripe for a movie, and most fans of the games only ever wanted Nathan Fillion to star in such a film.

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Ask and ye shall receive, Uncharted fans. Filmmaker Allan Ungar posted a short film on YouTube that is the Uncharted movie fans have always wanted, starring Fillion as Nathan Drake. The 15-minute movie showcases Fillion in the role and starts right in the middle of the action, with Drake getting kidnapped by a man who is, apparently, looking for some kind of valuable artifact previously stolen from him. Other characters from the game also put in an appearance, including Drake's longtime associate Victor Sully and wife Elena Fisher (although it's not clear if the two are married during the time frame of this film). Ungar posted about the fan film on his Instagram:

Although Hollywood had plans to start working on an Uncharted movie starring Mark Wahlberg in 2010, that film never happened. Fans always preferred Fillion over Wahlberg, though, and at one point, there were rumors Fillion would take over the role in a big budget movie. Fillion even spoke often about wanting to portray the character.

Last week, Fillion posted a potential tease on Instagram that he would soon star as Drake in a movie. That movie is apparently this fan film. Seeing Fillion finally taking on the role of Drake will only make Uncharted fans demand him for a full-length film, so here's hoping that Hollywood pays attention. Fillion is the only actor for the role, so let's hope this little teaser sends a signal that a full Uncharted movie starring him needs to happen now.

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Source: Allan Ungar

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