Casting The Uncharted Movie: 10 Fan Casts For Tom Holland’s Co-Stars

Tom Holland has been cast as Nathan Drake. Here are several other actors we want to see in the upcoming Uncharted film adaptation.

Naughty Dog first caught the public's attention with Crash Bandicoot. People came for the cute visuals and lovable mascot, but stayed for the tight controls and imaginative level design. After leaving the bandicoot behind, they made the Jak and Daxter series for the PlayStation 2, a similarly imaginative game with unique characters and atmosphere. It wasn't until 2007 that they tried for a more mature game with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

This action title, and PlayStation 3 exclusive, was a swashbuckling adventure filled with explosions, villains, romance, and humor. While the company's previous efforts would feel right at home on a Saturday morning cartoon block, Uncharted felt more like an Indiana Jones film. It was also one of the most beautiful games out there at the time. Three more numbered titles were released, as well as a PS Vita spinoff and lengthy Expansion to Uncharted 4 called Lost Legacy. Each fan has their own personal favorite, but they all agree that each sequel upped the ante with the set pieces, graphical fidelity, and the variety of settings.

The future of the series is uncertain in the gaming space, but Hollywood has picked up the title and is going forward with plans to make a movie. All that's known about it is that Tom Holland is taking on the role of Nathan Drake. With this in mind, Screenrant has taken it upon themselves to cast the rest of the roles in the Uncharted movie. It's not even known exactly what characters will show up, so this list will take characters from all four mainline titles. There is also the issue of Tom Holland's age, which is significantly younger than Drake's in the first game. For the sake of convenience, the ages of the actors will reflect their appearance in the game, and not their possibly younger age in the film.

10 Don Johnson - Victor Sullivan

Don Johnson 2019

Take the worst, most extreme thing that Nathan has ever seen, and Victor Sullivan has seen something twice as worse and drank it under the table. The man dodges gunfire and flies a rickety plane all with a cigar in his mouth. This nonchalant attitude towards danger could only be captured by Don Johnson's Midwestern charm.

9 Elizabeth Olsen - Elena Fisher


Elena and Drake's relationship slowly blossoms over the course of the four games. By the end of the series, they are happily married with a child. The actress has already done several convincing romantic roles in movies like Avengers and Oldboy (though viewers know how that one goes - yikes). It ultimately comes down to the chemistry between the two actors, but we think Elizabeth has the chops.

8 Yayan Ruhian - Eddie Raja

Yayan Ruihan as Tasu Leech in The Force Awakens

Eddie Raja is an Indonesian pirate, so it makes perfect sense to scout some true Indonesian talent for the role. Yayan Ruhian is already fifty years old, but is in perfect shape and could easily pass for a younger man. He could also help with the choreography as a whole since he is an expert martial artist. If anyone needs convincing of his talents as a fighter, just watch The Raid and The Raid 2, where he plays two different characters that kick all kinds of butt.

7 Jake Gyllenhaal - Rafe

If Jake Gyllenhaal performed with Tom Holland in another adaptation, that would just be freaky. The pair are already costarring in Spider-Man: Far From Home and have apparently hit it off too, becoming good friends during the production.

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Jake hasn't taken many villain roles, but bears a resemblance to Rafe and has proven his acting abilities.

6 Bryan Dechart - Samuel Drake

Bryan Dechart

People have pointed out that Bryan Dechart looks like Tom Holland, so why not have two play brothers? He's nine years Tom's senior, so the big brother part would work logistically. It would also help pique gamers' interest in the project as a whole. Bryan starred in Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human and also streams regularly with his wife, Amelia Rose Blaire.

5 Graham McTavish - Charlie Cutter

Graham Mctavish

Movie goers may recognize Graham McTavish from The Hobbit, Aquaman, or even Rambo. Gamers will know him as both Zoran Lazaravic and Charlie Cutter from the Uncharted series. He would serve as a better Charlie than Zoran because he looks more like him, and the character is more unique than Zoran's generic war criminal archetype. Charlie is a surprisingly delightful character, and Graham could bring that same energy to a live action interpretation.

4 Rhona Mitra - Chloe Frazer

Rhona Mitra in Rise of the Lycans

Like Chloe Frazer, Rhona Mitra has Indian blood from her father's side. They are also both extremely attractive. Chloe is so much more than her looks, but the character has an unmistakable sensuality. It wouldn't be Rhona's first involvement in video games, having served as Lara Croft's live-action model in the 1990s.

3 Danai Gurira - Nadine Ross

It's in one's best interest not to be on Nadine Ross's bad side. Whoever plays her in a live action film has to be an intimidating physical presence, and back it up with a fierce attitude. Danai Gurira has already proven herself capable of this in Black Panther and The Walking Dead.

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This time she would be more morally grey. Nadine isn't necessarily a villain, just a mercenary who gets a job done when the price is right.

2 Tom Hiddleston - Harry Flynn


Harry Flynn is pompous, narcissistic, and actually pretty bad at his job. Tom Hiddleston already does those first two things so well with Loki, it wouldn't be a stretch to add that third characteristic.

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Loki also tricks people time and time again, and Harry starts off Uncharted 2 by betraying Drake.

1 Dolph Lundgren - Zoran Lazaravic

Dolph Lundgren is from Sweden, but his most famous role the Russian boxer Ivan Drago from Rocky IV.

Zoran Lazaravic is Serbian, but seeing the action star take on another Eastern European role would be a nice callback to his iconic character. It also helps that Dolph is huge.

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