10 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Storylines That Netflix Still Hasn't Resolved

More than any other sitcom Netflix has released to date, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was a resounding success, both with viewers and critics alike. Featuring the unlikely premise of following a previously abducted young woman's journey through readjusting to life in the real world, the series was always willing to push the envelope - sometimes too far - and featured savvy popular culture and current events commentary and a plethora of amazing guest stars.

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The series originally aired on the streaming giant from March 2015 to January 2019, and as of May 2019, production is underway on an interactive follow-up movie that will complete the story of Kimmy and her friends, using Netflix's exciting new choose your adventure technology. Expected to arrive in 2020, only a few details are known about the plot of the planned feature film. Here are some ideas we have as to what Netflix could include.

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Jon Hamm as The Reverend in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
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10 Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne's fate

Jon Hamm as The Reverend in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, a truly enigmatic mess of a character played to perfection by Jon Hamm, is responsible for fundamentally ruining Kimmy Schmidt's life. He abducted her, harmed her, forced her into marrying him, and continued to torment her for years and years after her rescue.

But the series still hasn't provided any real sense of closure to the Reverend's arc. A revisionist history documentary was produced in the first half of the series' fourth season, attempting to portray him in a victimized light. But beyond that, not much is known about the Reverend's current status - and the movie's initial premise suggests that we'll be seeing much more of him, as it urges viewers to help Kimmy "foil the Reverend’s evil plan."

9 Where are the rest of the Mole Women now

While the series may focus on Kimmy's journey following her rescue from the Mole Women bunker, she wasn't the only Mole Woman held captive by the Reverend. Cyndee Pokorny, Gretchen Chalker, and Donna Maria Nuñez were in the bunker with her, and each of them live dramatically different lives following their rescue, with Kimmy developing a closer relationship with Cyndee in particular.

But it's been a while since we got a definitive update on any of Kimmy's fellow survivors. Is Gretchen still trying to lead a cult of her own? Is Donna Maria's business venture still thriving? Is Cyndee still as adorably clueless as ever? We'd like answers to all of those questions and more.

8 Jacqueline's relationship with her nemesis, Deirdre Robespierre

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Anna Camp and Jane Krakowski

While Jacqueline ends the series with a new fortune as a result of being a high powered talent agent, she was also once a member of high society of a different kind, during her time as the trophy wife socialite of the philandering millionaire Julian Voorhees. It was during her time in this elite social class that she became enemies with a similarly well-off woman, the unapologetically brilliant and calculating Deirdre Robespierre, as played by the comedic powerhouse that is Anna Camp.

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The series had a lot of fun with this relationship in Camp's few appearances, even going so far as to suggest some possible romantic undertones on Deirdre's part. We'd certainly love to see how these two would interact with one another, now that they're both on somewhat equal footing once again.

7 Titus's rise to fame

Titus in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Titus Andromedon just might be the greatest gift the series ever gave to the world, and Tituss Burgess is a large part of what made the character such a breakout hit. For the entire series, Titus is trying to make it big and make a name for himself in the acting world, moving from one low rate job to another. But in the series' final episodes, Titus finally makes it big, landing a role in The Lion King on Broadway.

As the finale's flash forward reveals, Titus will go on to get married to his longtime love Mikey, adopt children, and become a big name movie star, too. But we'd like to see a little more of the journey that the flash forward glosses over. Titus's star is rising. We want to enjoy its glow.

6 Lillian's current status

In the series finale, Lillian Kaushtupper has an undeniably dark storyline that resolves with a cheekily humorous twist. With her home about to be decimated by the city in its efforts to gentrify her beloved neighborhood, Lillian vows to go down with the literal ship (her home is a sideways tugboat, after all) and get blown up along with the construction efforts.

Somehow, Lillian miraculously survives the explosion, becoming a viral sensation for her tenacity and true New Yorker grit. In the flash forward, she's become the voiceover for the New York City subway. But we don't know much about Lillian beyond that. Where is she living now? What is she doing now? Who is she driving crazy with her zany antics?

5 Updates on the neighborhood's colorful supporting characters

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt boasts a truly one of a kind cast of main characters, each of them just as quirky and colorful as the next of them. But its unique universe of characters is all the more fully explored and expanded with the addition of many minor characters, often times with personalities and performances that border on absurdist.

Jacqueline's over the top friend and frequent annoyance Mimi Kanassis often provides some truly awkward humor. And, of course, there are the robot assistants like Yuko and C.H.E.R.Y.L., who take the series into truly out of this world territory.

4 Jacqueline's children's whereabouts

After Jacqueline and her spoiled man-child husband Julian divorced, her stepdaughter and Kimmy's frenemy, Xanthippe Lannister Voorhees, became a less prominent part of the series. She appeared occasionally throughout the rest of its run, including making a brief appearance in the series finale, but we'd love to know some more information about where Xan has wound up - especially if she's reading Kimmy's children's books at a collegiate level.

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But it's not just Xanthippe we'd like to see more of. It's more than a little concerning that the series seemed to forget about Jacqueline's own son, Buckley, who totally disappeared without a mention and without a trace for the series' final handful of episodes, despite being in Jacqueline's custody.

3 Kimmy's love life

For many understandable reasons, Kimmy always struggled with finding a romantic partner. That's not to say that she had a shortage of viable romantic options, however, as she certainly had plenty of well-meaning guys who were good for her in their own unique ways.

Whether it was with the tutor, Charles; or her fellow classmate, Dong; or the fellow trauma victim in Sam Page's adorable Keith; or even Daveed Diggs' totally perfect but underused Perry, Kimmy entertained the idea of relationships all throughout the series, but never seemed to find the right guy to understand and accept her for who she really is. According to the description for the forthcoming movie, however, that might all be changing, since the plot will involve "get[ting] Kimmy to her wedding on time."

2 Kimmy's relationship with her mother

Lisa Kudrow and Ellie Kemper in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy didn't exactly have the best upbringing in Durnesville, Indiana, considering she didn't exactly have the most involved mother raising her. Friends star Lisa Kudrow really was the best possible casting decision they could have made when it came to finding someone believable as Kimmy's likewise airheaded and perky mother, Lori-Ann Schmidt.

Following her abduction, her mom became even quirkier, devoting her life to the pursuit of riding as many rollercoasters in theme parks as she could, all while developing a group of followers. When Kimmy and Lori-Ann reunite, there's considerable friction, but the two do seem to connect meaningfully in the end, as evidenced by Lori-Ann's blink and you miss it appearance in the finale. We'd love to learn more about where their relationship is now, and if they actually spend time together outside of amusement parks.

1 Titus and Kimmy's current relationship

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4 - Kimmy and Titus

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt might be about Kimmy's reintegration into society after unimaginable trauma, but the heart of the show has always been and will always be her best friendship with Titus. It's one of the only real failings of the series finale as it stands, so far: there's no real, final moment between Titus and Kimmy, considering the series ends with a flash forward to a future in which they're not there for each other during the biggest moments of their lives.

Inevitably, the forthcoming feature film length special will focus on their friendship, and hopefully, they're still as close as they've been all along, even if they're no longer living together in Lillian's tugboat home. Titus and Kimmy have basically been friendship goals from day one. Now that they've both finally earned the success they deserve, their friendship should be allowed to thrive as it always has.

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