10 Movie Board Games We Can't Believe Exist (But Definitely Want to Play)

15The only thing better than watching your favourite movie would be getting to be a part of it. With the surging popularity of board games this is now more than possible. However, how often is it that there's a board game with the theme of your obscure film faves?

These 10 board games cover some of our most loved films and sagas meaning when you're not watching them, you can be playing them. And we honestly don't know which one is better.

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10 Labyrinth: The Board Game

GET IT NOW: $37.12

Labyrinth is a classic movie we all grew up watching and continue to come back to. Sarah is a teenager trying to have a sliver of independence from her parents but instead is forced to babysit her brother, Toby. After the Goblin King grants her wish to take away her brother she must make her way through the labyrinth to save him.

In the board game, you get to take on the part of Sarah and her friends to save Toby. You can play by yourself or with up to five people for one of the greatest game nights you can experience as you make your way through to the Goblin King’s castle.

9 The Twilight Saga New Moon Movie Board Game

GET IT NOW: $14.40

In Twilight: New Moon Bella and Edward have a dangerous encounter with each other causing Edward to decide it's best he leaves town. Bella is left heartbroken and finds herself spending more time with teen werewolf Jacob, thus, sparking the rivalry between Team Edward and Team Jacob.

With the board game you can bring Bella and Edward together again all while challenging your friends to a battle of Twilight wits. The more questions you answer right, the further you make it in the game.

8 The Dark Crystal: Board Game

GET IT NOW: $22.00

If you are a fan of Labyrinth you will know all about Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal. In this masterpiece, Jen, the last Gelfing, searches for the Dark Crystal in hopes of bringing peace back to the world after it was broken and Skeksis took over.

Find the Dark Crystal with up to three of your friends in the board game version and restore balance to the universe as Jen or one of the other Dark Crystal characters.

7 Bill & Ted's Excellent Board Game

GET IT NOW: $21.75

Teenagers Bill and Ted are trying to start a band but their plans are about to get a wrench in them. If Ted fails history class, he’ll get sent to military school. Enter time traveler Rufus who helps the pair travel through time so they can finish and ace their history project.

With two to four players, you and your friends can take on Ted and Bill’s quest to complete their final project and save Ted from being sent away to school. Are you up to the task?

6 6.Bundle of Highlander Board Game

GET IT NOW: $59.99

After Russell Nash kills a man In New York City with a sword, he sets forensics specialist Brenda Wyatt on his trail. She begins looking into the mysterious man and discovers a battle between immortals that has been going on for centuries.

Two to six friends play the part of an immortal and fight for the ultimate prize. In this edition there are alternate versions of each character and new cards so you can add to your expanding collection. In this set you also get two skull and crossbones pin buttons.

5 Connect 4: Black Panther Edition

GET IT NOW: $14.97

When T'Challa’s father dies, he must take his place on the throne to lead the people of Wakanda. His role as King and leader becomes threatened when Erik Killmonger tries to take over as ruler. Now it’s up to you whether or not T ‘Challa can defeat the threat posed on himself and his people.

In this edition of Connect 4, play as Black Panther or Erik and fight to the death for the throne. Each purple and yellow disk has one of our favorite and most hated characters on them making this the Connect 4 you never knew you needed.

4 Terminator Genisys: Rise of The Resistance

GET IT NOW: $75.37

Cyborg assassin, Terminator has come from the year 2029 to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor. Her unborn son is said to be the one to fight Skynet, an artificial intelligence system. The Terminator hunts down Sarah and Kyle, the man meant to protect her.

Play by yourself or with up to three friends for hours of tactical combat with The Terminator board game. Test your thinking and strategizing skills to see if you can save Sarah from a terrible fate.

3 Where's the Money, Lebowski? - The Official Loaded Questions Party Game

GET IT NOW: $20.56

When Jeff `The Dude' Leboswki is mistaken for The Big Lebowski, he looks for the man with his name to propose a job offer: help save his captured wife. Much like the movie, the board game is a hilarious time for old fans and newcomers.

Four to six players can pick their favourite answer and try to guess who came up with it. There are 180 open-ended Loaded Questions that give you a real The Big Lebowski experience. Play over and over for endless hours of fun.

2 Family Feud Star Wars Trivia Game

GET IT NOW: $14.99

One of the biggest family feuds of all time belongs to the Star Wars franchise. Dad hates son, son loves sister, and son has daddy issues. Just a big mess that you can finally have a hand in, instead of just watching.

Whether you’re a diehard fan or someone who enjoys watching the films from time to time, this game is perfect for everyone. At least two of your friends or up to five can play with 400 questions to challenge your Star Wars knowledge.

1 The Godfather: Corleone's Empire

GET IT NOW: $29.93

If you ever watched The Godfather trilogy and wondered what it would be like to be a part of the Italian-American mafia, wonder no more. Fall into the intense and violent world of crime and violence like Michael Corleone.

Play one on one or with up to five people as one of The Godfather characters and see if the board game can corrupt you as much as the real world of crime could. Over an hour of playing time will keep you busy as you become a mafia crime boss.

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