The Unanswered Questions of Lost

The unanswered questions of Lost

One of the most complex and thought-provoking television series of all-time sadly came to an end this weekend with the special ABC presentation of the Lost Series finale, preceded by a 2-hour recap and followed by a farewell special on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

While many were happy to see the conclusion to Lost and find out what happens to their favorite TV characters, many were confused by what was shown and its meaning(s). Some were disappointed that important questions were ignored and left unanswered.

Our own Kofi Outlaw went into detail explaining some of the bigger points of confusion and answered the unanswered questions of the Lost series finale, clearing up what to some was an unclear finale, but there are still plenty of questions we need answers for from throughout the entire series. What questions? See below.

The folks at College Humor put together this humorous video, cutting together scenes from all six seasons of Lost and firing out unanswered questions in rapid succession. While some questions are relatively minor and borderline insignificant and others there for pure comedy, there are a pile of great questions brought up of story arcs or themes presented earlier in the series that were abandoned.

Watch the video and see if you know the answers:

While I very much enjoyed the Lost finale, this video had a big impact on my thinking and sparked my memory to many of the plot points and themes hinted at or started in the first half of the series, many of which were left hanging as the series went on. A few of the questions though have been addressed in the series.

If you're a Lost fan, be sure to check out this behind-the-scenes Lost video discussion with showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse along with some of the stars, and our top 25 moments of Lost.

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Source: College Humor

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