The Umbrella Academy Season 1's Ending Explained

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Ending Explained

Netflix's new comic book adaptation The Umbrella Academy, developed for TV by Steve Blackman, sees a group of super-powered siblings racing against the clock to prevent a coming apocalypse - and season 1 ends with an almighty cliffhanger. Here we'll break down the twists and turns of The Umbrella Academy season 1's ending, the clues that were scattered along the way, and what it means for the future... so to speak.

The Umbrella Academy kicks off with a flashback detailing how its main characters came into the world. At midday on October 1, 1989, 43 women around the world suddenly went into labor and gave birth, despite not having previously shown any signs of being pregnant. We see one of these babies being born in Russia, and the Umbrella Academy founder Sir Reginald Hargreeves rushing to buy it from its mother. Given that the baby appears to be a girl, having been dressed in pink, it's safe to assume that this is Vanya - and that Vanya's "mom," Grace, gave her a Russian name because of her origins.

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Though she's kept distant from her siblings by Sir Reginald and told throughout her childhood that she's not special in any way, Vanya is ultimately revealed to be the most powerful member of the Umbrella Academy. Because of her outsider status, she is overlooked by Five in his hunt for the cause of the apocalypse, and that blind spot ends up having catastrophic consequences.

What Happens At The End of The Umbrella Academy Season 1

The Umbrella Academy - Vanya Plays The Violin

The Umbrella Academy season finale, "The White Violin," opens with an intriguing flashback to Sir Reginald's life before founding the Academy, in the year 1928. He brings a violin to his dying wife, who tells him that he should take it with him when he leaves, and find someone else to give it to who will love it as much as she did. Sir Reginald then goes to the window and we see a glimpse of where he came from: a field manned by farming robots, and ominous looking rockets taking off in the distance. It's unclear where exactly this takes place, and it's worth noting that in the comics Sir Reginald is actually an alien, so this scene could well be set on another planet - with Sir Reginald leaving to escape his own planet's apocalypse. We'll likely learn more in season 2, but it's interesting to see that Sir Reginald's ship departs from Pier 7 - the same number as the number of children he adopts.

Back in the present day, Vanya is liberated from her prison and stalks through the house, experiencing visions of her siblings as children, telling her to go away. She destroys their rooms with her powers one by one. As the house starts to collapse, Klaus and Diego are hit by falling rubble and knocked to the ground. As a chunk of ceiling falls down towards them, Klaus uses his newfound abilities to allow Ben to physically manifest, so that he can pull them both to safety.

Pogo intercepts Vanya, temporarily calming her down and causing her eyes to return to normal. He keeps her distracted while her siblings escape the building, making brief eye contact with Luther and Allison as they leave. Vanya asks if Pogo knew about her powers, and after trying to explain why her father suppressed them, Pogo admits that he did know all along. Vanya unleashed her powers again, picking Pogo up, throwing him across the room, and impaling him on the antlers of a stuffed deer head. Grace is also destroyed when the house collapses, last seen blowing a kiss to Diego through an upstairs window.

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Five arrives with the revelation that the apocalypse has not, as they'd previously thought, been prevented. He realizes that while he assumed the Academy was destroyed along with everything else, it was actually destroyed before the apocalypse happened - and that Vanya herself went on to cause the apocalypse. Meanwhile, Vanya returns to collect her violin and heads to the concert where she is scheduled to give a solo performance.

The Handler, having caught up with Hazel and Cha-Cha, tells them that Five sent them the instructions to kill one another in order to distract them, and gives them a new mission: protect Vanya Hargreeves. At first Hazel seems to go along with the mission, driving the two of them to the city to look for Vanya, but he tells Cha-Cha that The Handler was lying to them, and that the mission they're on is a suicide mission. They follow Vanya's bus to the concert hall, but as she enters Hazel slams his foot down on the accelerator, driving both of them at top speed into a concrete barrier. Cha-Cha, who wasn't wearing a seatbelt, is violently thrown through the windshield and lands on the road ahead, unmoving. Hazel then returns to The Handler and interrupts one of her many speeches by shooting her in the head, before enjoying a romantic reunion with Agnes.

After a strategy meeting at a bowling alley is interrupted by the arrival of agents from The Commission, the Umbrella Academy members make their way to the concert hall, having realized that Vanya intends to fulfil her original plans for the evening. Allison begs Luther to let her see Vanya alone and try to make her see reason, and he agrees... but only so that Allison can distract Vanya while he and Diego attack her. The attack fails, with Vanya blasting Luther and Diego away with her powers and causing the audience to panic and flee. The Commission's agents then catch up, with their mission of protecting Vanya, and begin firing into the stalls to prevent the Umbrella Academy from reaching her.

Once again, Klaus' new ability comes to the rescue. He causes Ben to completely manifest, so that the others can see him as well, and Ben uses his deadly tentacles to tear The Commission's agents to pieces. Cha-Cha also arrives on the scene, badly injured but not yet dead, and fights with Diego. However, just when he has her at his mercy, Diego remembers what Five said about murder being a poor way to honor Detective Patch's memory, and spares Cha-Cha's life.

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The Umbrella Academy - The Apocalypse

In a final gambit, Luther, Diego, Klaus, and Five all attack Vanya from different angles, but she easily knocks them away and holds them suspended in the air with tentacles of light, slowly choking them to death. Allison appears behind Vanya, pointing a gun at the back of her head, but cannot bring herself to kill her sister. Instead she fires the gun right next to Vanya's ear, disrupting her hearing and her powers, and causing her to fall to the ground, unconscious. The Umbrella Academy briefly celebrate having stopped the apocalypse, but once again their celebration proves to be premature. As she fell, Vanya fired a beam of energy through the glass dome the ceiling and at the moon, causing it to crack open and hurl meteors towards the Earth - along with one massive chunk of rock.

Realizing that they've failed again, Five says that there's only one way for them to survive the apocalypse: by jumping through time with him. Given their lack of options, the others agree, and all hold hands, with Luther holding Vanya's unconscious body. As the time portal ripples around them, they de-age in the same way that Five did, becoming children again before vanishing. Hazel and Agnes also escape the apocalypse using the briefcase that was stashed in a vent at the hotel. However, everyone else - Cha-Cha included - is killed by the falling meteors.

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